Why does insanity twist the great answers?
Because only tormented persons want truth.
Man is an animal like other animals, wants food and success and women, not truth.
Only if the mind Tortured by some interior tension has despaired of happiness:
then it hates its life-cage and seeks further,
And finds, if it is powerful enough. But instantly the private
agony that made the search
Muddles the finding

...Theory of Truth, Robinson Jeffers

In the Beginning there was the Mark. Tears. Uncalled. Unaccounted. Unwanted. Tears. Ripping. Wracking. A great unadorned sadness sweeping out of somewhere to shower me with salt. Tears caused a centering. Tears caused that first step. Tears masked as catalyst for Pain is the Mother. Sadness Her counsel.

Tears are the ticket though empty the gain cause the scars serve to wrap one
shroud-like midst bruises whose depth prevents a healing...the pain the learning yearning addiction like engulfs and directs...and as dear robinson has said is the drive that binds prods pushes pinches always there strong wind like driving driving driving me from the light so long ago into darkness with the hope of a finding somewhere somehow someonce...just once show me some thing some sign some tap some thing divine so as to feed my fire just once...

instead i drive on in silence with no whispers of counsel no sound nothing no bells no whistles no rustlings no brushings to hear...only silence darkness borne and only me only me...

twenty-five   twenty-four   twenty-three   twenty-two   twenty-one   twenty   nineteen
eighteen   seventeen   sixteen   fifteen   fourteen   thirteen   twelve  
eleven   ten   nine   eight   seven   six   five  
four   three   two   one

...Grasshoppers gate