untitled twelve

"Don't let the dark forces delight in your demise..."

today heard that i am something had some talent or a way with words he said and all i feel is an upset stomach and the usual fear and wondering she said must have new mystery and intrigue but where did that go was it ever here i wonder so far no can not go back that far to remember being young of course but what that meant dont know the beatings bashings lonely attempts at defining what was to be this is what i remember
and thats not reflected in any picture i bet...she says we must define track down run down corner tie up the trouble whats causing dreams to rape and pillage and me i say what what i say not much but can only relate this now and the black outside cars moving up into darkness so far to climb they have ive been there and theres nothing for a long long time why would anyone choose to live here...but there is something new the trees so many bare now scoured by the cold to stand as skeletons not minded like those of dracula these trees live notwithstanding the nonchalance of us oh yes they live and breath and watch us closely as we drive walk slouch bike and wander our trails thinking that we are the what of matter these trees stand silent even the wounded ones those of shorn branches and no leaves even in the time of sun and chlorophyll about these am beginning to wonder what they think what they feel what they intend to do about the invaders am wondering is there any one else with such thoughts here in the gray month...

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