untitled twenty

Solomon says: 'Women are greedy of children; they suck the vigour of their menfolk, like the Vampire; they are sexually insatiable; they resemble the horse-leech of the pond which plagues horses. And to what purpose are men born of women? Only in the end to die. The grave and women are equally insatiable.'

dark dreams now so clothed in white so softly shrouding that this world has sound no more...no...nothing escapes to prod no sound no intimation that there is an other there beyond the window...dark dreams yes midst hoping that a light will come to...to...to what says i cause nothings changed and will never i expect...no nothings changed about that wolf so standing with a gaze beamed out into an emptiness long ago discovered...the why of this escapes me still...the why of isolation and a masking so complete and all pervading that what you see is not what you get nor ever will...for fear directs and prompts a shrinking cringing backward pedal so ingrained that truth and honestly can never ever float free and sun like as it ought...

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...Grasshoppers gate