so quiet...

"How serious the worship of trees was in former times may be gathered from the ferocious penalty appointed by the old German laws for such as dared to peel the bark of a standing tree. The culprits navel was to be cut out and nailed to the part of the tree he had peeled, and he was to be driven round and round the tree till all his guts were wound about its trunk. The intention of the punishment clearly was to replace the dead bark by a living substitute taken from the culprit; it was a life for a life, the life of a man for the life of a tree"

...The Golden Bough, Sir James George Frazier

They are coming now...aligned behind the Keeper. quiet. tall. shrouded just as He. Whyfore this gathering...this assembly only to be seen in moonlight? Whyfore I say...

No sleep now...always am watching them watching me. They bring the Thunder booms and shakes the rattles to mask this scene. No one sees...but me.

I swear I do not wish this...the becoming. This invitation to their Realm. I swear this...

But to Whom do I swear? To Whom? There is only Me...only me.

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