untitled thirteen

"...They say that the hermit St. Securis, living there among the trees, grew to love them like companions; since, though great giants with many arms like Briareus, they were the mildest and most blameless of the creatures; they did not devour like the lions, but rather open their arms to all the little birds."

imagine this if you will i refuse to supply the spaces have gotten tired of all that the structuring for others the filling in the you know what they speak of and as they give a knowing look full well thinking/knowing what they want but not daring to speak the what rather you should do it for them you know but I am tired of this the requirement to fill in complete their sentences you know better let the others say the ALL of what they mean better that than continually demanding that WE do the work well no more for me...

but now the trees those sentinels those standing shorn alone for reasons we will never know but stand alone they do and these caught from the corner of an eye all aged and silver bright specks amid the green it is these of which i speak now and perhaps for some time to come these barren one these the forgotten not covered in those brochures allured to draw and awe the tourists these elders of the forests for today i saw a group of young pines crouched as best such young pines can so sit at the foot of a scarred and silver patriarch they rounded him and were young though silent as best they could these young coniferons these sprung from cones oh pure and simple they rounded that elder all grouped awe filled i think though what could this poor human know of such that stood and will continue to discount our lowly presence...am reminded of the white goddess and tree sprites not to mention poor dear hobbit author who foresaw so much but thinking now i am that no one here knows the what of that cause most ignore cant see the elders no mention no thought of what stands quietly guarding this or that any idea or thought to what i mean how came wasichu to this wonder land...

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