untitled seventeen

"And suddenly it began to walk, as slowly as the ocean. You could hear the foliage being forced apart beneath its chest..." Leopoldo Lugones (1874-1938) The Horses of Abdera

fabrication all and for what point is this the wonder constructions feeble gropings at communication why all this you ever wonder such like me...so old so ignorant so so devoid of any simple answer other than that the fabrication counts so carry on dear soul and never ask what drives that engine and yet when ill when a fractured mind no longer provides the respite sanctuary and that hollow into which one can fall then what to do this happened to me you know fell so far down down down was wondering if id ever get back and prayed even to the devil god whatever name him/her but back i came and to what i have to say...to think so much is fabrication only seems there is no mission cause or given good standing alone to beckon me to where...

and still i wander try trying tried and yet am thinking this is because of weakness never strength oh we say were strong and stumble on but would it not require more strength to say the hell with this the futility and aimless wandering mid fabrication with never ever an expectation of the answer am thinking bettter to say enough enough of this fuck you dear world no answers found am tired of searching better to leave this trail to someone who doesnt care so deeply.

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