untitled nineteen

Solomon's wit is bitterly succinct:

'The horse-leech's two daughters: Give and Give.' The horse-leech is a small fresh-water animal akin to the medicinal leech, with thirty teeth in its jaws. When a beast goes down to a stream to drink, the leech swims into its mouth and fastens on the soft flesh at the back of its throat. It then sucks blood until completely distended, driving the beast frantic, and as a type of relentless greed gives its name to the...Succuba, or Vampire.

Am supposed to weedle wrangle twist and wrench the data from her she thinks vice me being the elder and the one so short of time that i should be presented this and that on a plate am thinking... But that for sure is not the way it happens... Oh no, equals here perceived she thinks til death does part and then only then she'll wonder perhaps the why and sorrow why she did not then consider me to be one owed some favor

long removed from my time she relates to a father as adversary not the one who provided for and fed her way in to her corner this arena where she sees me standing as an enemy and one she must move around climb over besting as if in a fight... i am this obstacle a rock a pit to climb into over around at all costs for this must be the way she'll prove shes other than she seems... And if this kills me so be it she says for this life was never wished by her on her...i did it and must bear the weight

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