untitled seven

"Good! Ha! What is GOOD is good for YOU. What's GOOD needs your heart, must have your heart!, dies without your heart. Without it we abuse ourselves and become nothings, shells devoid of all which serves to make us worthy."

best times are no dreaming just deep deep slumber nothing there no sex no desire just warmth and shuffling to the toilet small steps not awake good feeling to be alone then darkness yes as stream sounds ripple down the side of one triangle quiet isolated on that piece of earth thinking of geronimo chief joseph leonard winona la even poor ishi who made the mistake of looking for food and some poor alternative to his dead fellows these things surround this man about to jump way, way out into the ether. used to be that all the heroes male ones anyway were older men not the melrose types but randolph scotts and marvin borgnine ryan and dear holden head struck drunk and bled to death
alone remember him in river kwai shouting kill him kill and wild peckinpaw bunch too oh dear he was my favorite

but now, now, the old ones stand aside for a world that has no respect and less endurance a world that seems to run on empty always changing, changing, holding nothing sacred nor with care this world is touchy yes, but so am i less forgiving than a demon virus slate wiper causing skin to slough oh yes thats me i am such too unforgiving and proud to have taken a stand, oh yes.

never wanted to become a hero that is for sure but no one asked and if they had i would have run run run fast as lighting to some hole to hide and dream myself away to another time or world where there could be a start again but no, no, was given no such chance and so must do as i have to do must do what so few others are confronted with how come me i ask how come me?

it will be peace so said the warrior yes as tears fled slowly south a peace betrayal corruption of the soul but still...still there is a wonder in the doing a wonder in the being true a wonder in the hero wondering if there ever will be smiles. you see despair is always nipping crying in a shadow ever thickening ever shifting but that despair can never come close as long as there is light, light, yes the light will save me, you us all for action counts not the thinking the count which carries buoys supports and structures yes the action true instinct directed causes gods to rise but no, such gods dont know dont feel he simply is for others must define and label provide the stage must point embellish that which they can never be...

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