who needs...

It is the lumps and trials
That tell us whether we shall be known
And whether our fate can be exemplary, like a star.
All the rest is waiting
For a letter that never arrives.

...One Thing That Can Save America, John Ashbery

some sense ive always looked for...well, not always cause for such a long time i didnt give a damn but now i do and lately have been wondering at that sad sad child from so long ago why so filled then he was with longing and such sad sad looks that has spilled so over into an adult life that this is all i carry roundandroundandround without respite no mercy found for sure and whyohwhyohwhy...

red and the black the Other and now another, black and white, are wafting round and round midst flocks and flocks of ravens all so determined to out talk each other that there is no room for even a temporary quiet...there must be a link a tie that binds us all together yes am thinking so but please dear something why can not i see...

twenty-six   twenty-four   twenty-three   twenty-two   twenty-one   twenty   nineteen  
eighteen   seventeen   sixteen   fifteen   fourteen   thirteen   twelve  
eleven   ten   nine   eight   seven   six   five  
four   three   two   one

...Grasshoppers gate