First Nations/First Peoples

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Understanding Tolowa Histories : Western Hegemonies and Native American Responses, James Collins, $59.95 Unwritten Stories of the Surui Indians of Rondonia (Ilas Special Publication); Betty Mindlin, Surui Narrators; Paperback; $15.26

Ute Tales (University of Utah Publication in the American West, Vol 29) Vol 29; Anne M. Smith (Compiler), Alden C. Hayes (Editor); Hardcover; $22.46

Valley of the Spirits : A Journey into the Lost Realm of the Aymara; Alan L. Kolata; Hardcover; $25.16; Read more about this title...

Vanishing Amazon; Mirella Ricciardi; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Vestiges of a Proud Nation : The Ogden B. Read Northern Plains Indian Collection; Glenn E. Markoe (Editor); Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Victorio and the Mimbres Apaches (Civilization of American Indian, Vol 125); Dan L. Thrapp; Paperback; $15.26

A View from Black Mesa : The Changing Face of Archaeology; George J. Gumerman; Paperback; $15.26

Visions and Voices : Native American Painting from the Philbrook Museum of Art; Lydia L. Wyckoff (Editor); Hardcover; $63.00

Visions of the North : Native Art of the Northwest Coast; Don McQuiston, et al; Hardcover; $31.50

The Voice of the Great Spirit : Prophecies of the Hopi Indians (Native American Studies); Rudolf Kaiser, Werner Wunsche (Translator); Paperback (Hard to Find)

Voices from Wounded Knee, 1973, in the Words of the Participants.; Roosevelto; Paperback (Hard to Find)

Voices in the Canyon : The Story of Navajo National Monument (Southwest Parks and Monuments Association. Popular Series); Catherine W. Viele; Paperback (Hard to Find)

Voices of the Rainbow; Kenneth Rosen; Paperback (Hard to Find)

Voices of Our Ancestors : Cherokee Teachings from the Wisdom Fire; Dhyani Ywahoo, Barbara Du Bois; Paperback; $11.70; Read more about this title...

Voices of the Rainbow : Contemporary Poetry by Native Americans; Kenneth Rosen (Editor), et al; Paperback; $10.75

Voices of the Winds : Native American Legends; Margot Edmonds, Ella E. Clark; Hardcover; $29.95

Voices Under One Sky : Contemporary Native Literature; Trish Fox Roman (Editor); Paperback; $11.65

Walk in Beauty : The Navajo and Their Blankets; Anthony Berlant, Mary Hunt Kahlenberg; Paperback (Hard to Find)

Walking in the Sacred Manner : Healers, Dreamers, and Pipe Carriers-Medicine Women of the Plains Indians; Mark St. Pierre, et al; Paperback; $10.80; Read more about this title...

Walking the Rez Road; Jim Northrup; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

The Wanano Indians of the Brazilian Amazon : A Sense of Space; Janet M. Chernela; Paperback; $15.26; Read more about this title...

The Wanano Indians of the Brazilian Amazon : A Sense of Space; Janet M. Chernela; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Warriors in Eden; Mariano, Friar, O.F.M. Gagnon, et al; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Warriors, Gods & Spirits from Central & South American Mythology (World Mythologies Series); Douglas Gifford; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Washington Matthews:Studies of Navajo Culture, 1880-1894 , Katherine Spencer Halpern, Susan Brown McGreevy, List: $70.00 -- Price: $63.00 -- You Save: $7.00 (10%)

Waskahikanowiyiniw-Acimowina : Stories of the House People; Freda Ahenakew; Paperback (Hard to Find)

The Way of the Masks; Claude Levi-Strauss; Paperback; $17.06

The Way to Make Perfect Mountains: Native American Legends of Sacred Mountains , Byrd Baylor, Leonard Chana List: $9.95 -- Price: $8.95 -- You Save: $1.00 (10%)

The Way to Rainy Mountain (Momaday, N. Scott, Momaday Collection.); N. Scott Momaday, Al Momaday (Illustrator); Hardcover; $22.46; Read more about this title...

The Way We Lived : California Indian Stories, Songs & Reminiscences; Malcolm Margolin (Editor); Paperback; $13.45

Ways of Indian Wisdom : Stories; Teresa Vanetten; Paperback; $9.85

We Have the Right to Exist : A Translation of Aboriginal Indigenous Thought : The First Book Ever Published from an Ahnishinahbaeo Jibway Perspective; Wub-E-Ke-Niew; Paperback; $16.00

Wearing the Morning Star : Native American Songs-Poems; Brian Swann (Editor); Hardcover; $20.70; Read more about this title...

Weaving Arts of the North American Indian; Frederick J. Dockstader; Paperback (Hard to Find)

Weavers of Tradition and Beauty : Basketmakers of the Great Basin; Mary Lee Fulkerson, et al; Paperback; $17.96; Read more about this title...

Weaving the World : Textiles and the Navajo Way of Seeing; Roseann S. Willink, et al; Paperback; $29.95

The West Pole; Diane Glancy; Hardcover; $17.95

We've Been Here Before : Women in Creation Myths and Contemporary Literature of the Native American Southwest (North American Studies, Vol 1); Maria Moss; Paperback (Hard to Find)

Western Apache Material Culture : The Goodwin and Guenther Collections; Alan Ferg (Editor), Helga Teiwes; Paperback; $23.36

Western Apache Raiding and Warfare; Grenville Goodwin, Keith H. Basso (Editor); Paperback; $17.06

Western Indians : Comparative Environments Languages, and Cultures of 172 Western American Indians Tribes.; Joseph G. Jorgensen; Textbook Binding (Hard to Find)

When Buffalo Free the Mountains : A Ute Indian Journey; Nancy C. Wood; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

When Is a Kiva? : And Other Questions About Southwestern Archaeology; Watson Smith, Raymond H. Thompson (Editor); Paperback; $18.95

Where Is the Eagle?; William E. Coffer; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Where the Chill Came from : Cree Windigo Tales and Journeys; Howard A. Norman; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Where the Two Came to Their Father : A Navaho War Ceremonial Given by Jeff King (Mythos); Maud Oakes; Paperback; $13.45

Where There Is No Name for Art : The Art of Tewa Pueblo Children; Bruce Hucko (Photographer); Paperback; $18.00

White Cloud/Lakota Spirit; Cecelia Ferretti Brownlow, Leslie S. Wilner; Paperback; $9.85

White Eagle Medicine Wheel:Native American Wisdom As a Way of Life, Wa-Na-Nee-Che , Eliana Harvey List: $24.99 -- Price: $22.49 -- You Save: $2.50 (10%)

White Metal Universe: Navajo Silver from the Fred Harvey Collection; Jernigan, Witherspoon; Paperback (Hard to Find)

White Rocks : A Woodland Rockshelter in Monroe County, Ohio; Dana E. Ormerod; Paperback (Hard to Find)

Why I Can't Read Wallace Stegner and Other Essays : A Tribal Voice; Elizabeth Cook-Lynn; Hardcover; $45.00; Read more about this title...

Why Me? Why Anyone; Hirshel Jaffe, et al; Paperback; $20.00

Why Suya Sing : A Musical Anthropology of an Amazonian People (Cambridge Studies in Ethnomusicology); Anthony Seeger; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Wild Plants and Native Peoples of the Four Corners, William W. Dunmire, Gail D. Tierney, $29.95 Wigwam Evenings : Sioux Folk Tales Retold; Charles A. Eastman, Elaine Goodale Eastman; Paperback; $8.95

Wind from an Enemy Sky; D'Arcy McNickle; Paperback; $11.65

Windows of the Past : Ruins of the Colorado Plateau (A Wish You Were Here Book); Florence C. Lister, Lynn Wilson; Hardcover; $22.46

The Winged Serpent : American Indian Prose and Poetry; Margot Astrov (Editor); Paperback; $14.40

Winter of the Holy Iron : A Novel; Joseph, III Marshall; Hardcover; $17.96; Read more about this title...

Wisdom's Daughters : Conversations With Women Elders of Native America; Steve Wall, Harvey Arden (Editor); Hardcover (Hard to Find)

The Wisdom of American Indian Mythology; John J. Ollivier; Paperback; $17.95

The Wisdom of the Ancient One : An Inca Initation; Anton Ponce De Leon Paiva, Anton Ponce de Leon Paiva; Paperback; $8.95

Wisdom Sits in Places : Landscape and Language Among the Western Apache; Keith H. Basso; Hardcover; $36.00

Wisdomkeepers : Meetings With Native American Spiritual Elders (The Earthsong Collection); Harvey Arden, Steve Wall; Hardcover; $35.96; Read more about this title...

Wise Rockshelter : A Multicomponent Site in Jackson County, Ohio (Kent State Research Papers in Archaeology #2); Jon Oplinger; Paperback (Hard to Find)

Wishing Bone Cycle : Narrative Poems of the Swampy Cree Indians; Howard Norman; Paperback (Hard to Find)

Witchcraft in the Southwest : Spanish and Indian Supernaturalism on the Rio Grande; Marc Simmons; Paperback; $8.10

The Wolves of Heaven : Cheyenne Shamanism, Ceremonies, and Prehistoric Origins (Civilization of the American Indian Series, Vol 183); Karl H. Schlesier; Paperback; $11.65

The Woman Who Fell from the Sky : Poems/Book and Cassette; Joy Harjo; Hardcover; $18.90; Read more about this title...

Women in Celtic Myth : Tales of Extraordinary Women from Ancient Celtic Tradition; Moyra Caldecott; Paperback; $11.65

Women of the Earth Lodges : Tribal Life on the Plains; Virginia Bergman Peters, Virgina Bergman Peters; Hardcover; $39.50; Read more about this title...

Woman of the Dawn : A Spiritual Odyssey; Wabun Wind; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Women Versus Men : A Conflict of Navajo Emergence (American Tribal Religions ; V. 6); to Aheedliinii Curly, et al; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Word Dance : The Language of Native American Culture; Carl Waldman, Molly Braun (Illustrator); Hardcover; $25.16; Read more about this title...

Words of Power : Voices of Indian America; Norbert S., Jr. Hill (Editor); Hardcover; $8.95

The Work of Bernardino De Sahagun : Pioneer Ethnographer of Sixteenth-Century Aztec Mexico (Studies on Culture and Society, Vol 2); J. Jorge Klor De Alva; Paperback (Hard to Find)

The World of the Crow Indians : As Driftwood Lodges (Civilization of the American Indian, Vol 185); Rodney Frey; Paperback; $12.55

The Worlds of P'Otsunu : Geronima Cruz Montoya of San Juan Pueblo; Jeanne Shutes, Jill Mellick; Hardcover; $33.75

Wounds Beneath the Flesh; Maurice Kenny; Paperback; $7.20

The Woven Spirit of the Southwest; Don McQuiston, et al; Hardcover; $31.50; Read more about this title...

Writing As Witness : Essay and Talk; Beth Brant; Paperback; $13.45; Read more about this title...

Yup'Ik Eskimos As Described in the Travel Journals and Ethnographic Accounts of John and Edith Kilbuck Who Served With the Alaska Mission of the morav; Ann Fienup-Riordan; Textbook Binding (Hard to Find)

Yuwipi; William K. Powers; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

The Zapotecs : Princes, Priests, and Peasants (Civilization of the American Indian Series, Vol 143); Joseph Whitecotton; Paperback (Hard to Find)

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