First Nations/First Peoples

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Dances of the Tewa Pueblo Indians : Expressions of New Life; Jill Drayson Sweet; Paperback (Publisher Out Of Stock)

Dancing on the Rim of the World : An Anthology of Contemporary Northwest Native American Writing (Sun Tracks, Vol 19); Andrea Lerner (Editor); Hardcover; $39.00 (Special Order)

David Zeiberger : A Life Among the Indians; Earl F. Olmstead, et al; Hardcover; $39.00 (Not Yet Published -- On Order)

Death and Violence on the Reservation : Homicide, Family Violence, and Suicide in American Indian Populations; Ronet Bachman; Hardcover; $45.00 (Special Order); Read more about this title...

Debating Democracy : The Iroquois Legacy of Freedom, Bruce E. Johansen, List: $24.95 -- Price: $22.46 -- You Save: $2.49 (10%)

Debating Oaxaca Archaeology (Anthropological Papers Museum of Anthropology, University of Michigan, No 84); Paperback; $18.00 (Special Order)

Debert : A Paleo-Indian Site in Central Nova Scotia; George F. MacDonald; Paperback (Hard to Find)

Deciding to Be Legal : A Maya Community in Houston; Jacqueline Maria Hagan; Hardcover; $54.95 (Special Order)

Deconstructing America : Representations of the Other; Peter Mason; Hardcover; $55.00 (Back Ordered)

Deliberate Acts : Changing Hopi Culture Through the Oraibi Split; Peter M. Whiteley; Hardcover; $50.50 (Special Order)

Delphina Cuero : Her Autobiography : An Account of Her Last Years and Her Ethnobotanic Contributions (Ballena Press Anthropological Papers, No. 37); Delphina Cuero, Sylvia Brakke Vane (Editor); Paperback; $12.00 (Special Order)

A Dena'Ina Legacy K'Tl'Egh'I Sukdu : The Collected Writings of Peter Kalifornsky; James Kari, Alan Boraas (Editor); Paperback; $16.00 (Special Order)

Deer Women and Elk Men : The Lakota Narratives of Ella Deloria; Julian Rice; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Dennis Banks : Native American Activist (Native American Biographies), Kae Cheatham, Spring Hermann, List: $18.95

Denizens of the Desert : A Tale in Word and Picture of Life Among the Navaho Indians, the Letters of Elizabeth W. Forster; Martha A. Sandweiss (Editor); Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Descendants of Totoliguoqui : Ethnicity and Economics in the Mayo Valley (University of California Publications in Anthropology Vol 19); Mary I. O'Connor; Paperback; $20.00 (Special Order)

Desert Dwellers; Scott S. Warren; Hardcover; $9.85 (Not Yet Published -- On Order)

Designs and Factions : Politics, Religion, and Ceramics on the Hopi Third Mesa; Lydia L. Wyckoff; Paperback (Hard to Find)

Designs from the Ancient Mimbrenos With Hopi Interpretation; Fred Kabotie; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

The Devil and Mr Duncan; Peter Murray; Hardcover; $16.95 (Special Order)

Diachronic Variability in Obsidian Procurement Patterns in Northeastern California and Southcentral Oregon (University of California Publications In); Richard E. Hughes; Paperback; $42.00 (Special Order)

Diccionario Mixteco De San Juan Colorado; Sara Stark Campbell; Paperback; $11.39 (Special Order)

Dictionary of the Alabama Language; Cora Sylestine, et al; Hardcover; $35.00 (Special Order)

A Dictionary of the St. Lawrence Island : Siberian Yupik Eskimo Language; Linda Womkon Badten, et al; Paperback (Hard to Find)

Discovering Native American Art; Abby Remer; Paperback; $14.95 (Special Order)

Disputing the Dead : U.S. Law on Aboriginal Remains and Grave Goods; Marcus H., III Price; Hardcover; $37.50 (Special Order)

Diversity and Complexity in Prehistoric Maritime Societies : A Gulf of Maine Perspective (Interdisciplinary Contributions to Archaeology); Bruce J. Bourque; Hardcover; $59.50 (Special Order)

Do You Have an Opy? : Politics and Identity Among the Mbya-Guarani of Argentina and Eastern Paraguay; Donatella Schmidt; Hardcover; $69.95 (Special Order)

The Dohack Site/11-S-642 (American Bottom Archaeology, Fai-270 Site Reports, Vol 12); Ann Brower Stahl; Paperback; $22.50 (Special Order)

Domestic Architecture, Ethnicity, and Complementarity in the South-Central Andes; Mark S. Aldenderfer (Editor); Hardcover; $47.95 (Special Order)

Domestic Ceramic Production and Spatial Organization : A Mexican Case Study in Ethnoarchaeology (New Studies in Archaeology); Philip J. Arnold; Hardcover; $69.95 (Special Order)

Dorset, 1983; Paperback; $10.85 (Special Order)

The Dove Always Cried-Narratives of Indian School Life; Marguerite Bigler Stoltz; Paperback; $10.80 (Special Order)

Drama and Power in a Hunting Society : The Selk'Nam of Tierra Del Fuego; Anne MacKaye Chapman; Hardcover; $69.95 (Special Order)

Drawings of the Song Animals : New and Selected Poems; Duane Niatum; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

A Dream of Maya : Augustus and Alice Le Plongeon in Nineteenth Century Yucatan; Lawrence Desmond, Phyllis Messenger; Paperback (Hard to Find)

The Dream Seekers : Native American Visionary Traditions of the Great Plains (The Civilization of the American Indian Series, Vol 213); Lee Irwin; Hardcover; $28.95 (Back Ordered); Read more about this title...

Dreamer-Prophets of the Columbia Plateau : Smohalla and Skolaskin (Civilization of the American Indian Series, Vol 191); Robert H. Ruby, John A. Brown; Hardcover; $26.95 (Special Order)

Dreamers With Power : The Menominee; George Spindler; Paperback; $11.35 (Special Order)

Dunbar-Allis Letters on the Pawnee (The North American Indian, Vol 13); John Dunbar; Hardcover; $15.00 (Special Order)

Durable Breath : Contemporary Native American Poetry; John E. Smelcer (Editor), D. L. Birchfield; Paperback; $14.00 (Special Order); Read more about this title...

The Durango South Project : Archaeological Salvage of Two Late Basketmaker III Sites in the Durango District; Gooding; Paperback; $25.95 (Special Order)

During My Time : Florence Edenshaw Davidson : A Haida Woman; Margaret B. Blackman; Paperback; $15.95 (Special Order)

Dynamic Symmetry and Holistic Asymmetry in Navajo and Western Art and Cosmology (American Indian Studies, Vol. 5); Gary Witherspoon, Glen Peterson; Paperback; $27.95 (Special Order); Read more about this title...

Dynamics of Government Programs for Urban Indians in the Prairie Provinces; Raymond Breton; Paperback (Hard to Find)

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