First Nations/First Peoples

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California Archaeology; Michael J. Moratto; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Californian Indian Nights of the World, of Man, of Fire, of the Sun, of Thunder; Edward Winslow Gifford, Gwendoline Harris Block; Paperback; $9.85

Calumet and Fleur-De-Lys : Archaelogy of Indian and French Contact in the Midcontinent; John E. Walthall, et al; Hardcover; $45.00

Camera, Spade, and Pen : An Inside View of Southwestern Archaeology; Maurice Garland Gaede; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

The Campo Indian Landfill War : The Fight for Gold in California's Garbage; Dan McGovern; Hardcover; $22.46

Canadian Indian Policy : A Bibliography Supplement (Public Administration Series 2054); Jim Buchanan; Paperback (Hard to Find)

Canadian Sioux; James H. Howard; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

The Cannon Reservoir Human Ecology Project : An Archaeological Study of Cultural Adaptations; Michael J. O'Brien (Editor); Textbook Binding (Hard to Find)

Captured Heritage : The Scramble for Northwest Coast Artifacts; Douglas Cole; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Captured Heritage : The Scramble for Northwest Coast Artifacts; Douglas Cole; Paperback; $14.35; Read more about this title...

Carlos Castaneda : Academic Opportunism and the Psychedelic Sixties; Jay Courtney Fikes, Jay Courney Fikes; Hardcover; $17.96

Carving Totem Poles and Masks; Alan Bridgewater, Gill Bridgewater; Paperback; $13.45

The Catalogues of Fine Navajo Blankets, Rugs, Ceremonial Baskets, Silverware, Jewelry and Curios : Originally Published Between 1903 and 1911; J.B. Moore; Paperback (Hard to Find)

Cat Monsters and Head Pots : The Archaeology of Missouri's Pemiscot Bayou; Michael J. O'Brien; Hardcover; $59.95; Read more about this title...

Cedar : Tree of Life to the Northwest Coast Indians; Hilary Stewart; Paperback; $20.66

Cedar : Tree of Life to the Northwest Coast Indians; Hilary Stewart; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Celebrate Native America! : An Aztec Book of Days; Richard Balthazar; Paperback (Hard to Find)

Ceramic Production in the American Southwest; Barbara J. Mills (Editor), Patricia L. Crown (Editor); Hardcover; $46.00; Read more about this title...

Ceramics and Ideology : Salado Polychrome Pottery; Patricia L. Crown, Ronald L. Bishop; Hardcover; $45.00

Ceremonial Costumes of the Pueblo Indians : Their Evolution, Fabrication, and Significance in the Prayer Drama; Virginia More Roediger, Fred Eggan; Hardcover; $49.50

The Chaco Anasazi : Sociopolitical Evolution in the Prehistoric Southwest (New Studies in Archaeology); Lynne Sebastian; Paperback; $19.95

Changing Military Patterns of the Great Plains Indians (17th Century Through Early 19th Century); Frank Raymond Secoy; Paperback; $7.15

Cherokee Dance and Drama (Civilization of the American Indian); Frank G. Speck, Leonard Broom; Paperback; $9.85

The Cherokee Excavations : Holocene Ecology and Human Adaptations in Northwestern Iowa; D. Anderson; Textbook Binding (Hard to Find)

The Cherokee People : The Story of the Cherokees from Earliest Origins to Contemporary Times; Thomas E. Mails; Hardcover; $44.96

Cherokee Renascence in the New Republic; William G. McLoughlin; Paperback; $17.96

The Cheyenne (Peoples of America); John H. Moore; Hardcover; $25.16

The Cheyenne and Arapaho Ordeal : Reservation and Agency Life in the Indian Territory, 1875-1907 (Civilization of the American Indian Series Vol 136); Donald J. Berthrong; Paperback; $15.26; Read more about this title...

The Cheyenne Journey : Morning Star Our Guiding Light, Art McDonald, Arthur L. McDonald, Dull Knife Memorial, Doreen Walking Woman Pond, $29.95

Chief : The Life Story of Eugene Delorme, Imprisoned Santee Sioux (American Indian Lives); Eugene P. Delorme, Inez Cardozo-Freeman (Editor); Hardcover; $28.00

Chief Ouray : Ute Peacemaker (Famous Native Americans), Diane Shaughnessy, Jack Carpenter

Chief Joseph : Nez Perce Peacekeeper (Famous Native Americans), Diane Shaughnessy, Jack Carpenter

Chiefs and Change in the Oregon Country : Indian Relations at Fort Nez Perces, 1818-1855 Vol 2; Theodore Stern; Hardcover; $39.95

Children of the Circle; Adolf Hungry Wolf, Star Hungry Wolf; Paperback; $8.95; Read more about this title...

Children of Cottonwood : Piety and Ceremonialism in Hopi Indian Puppetry (American Tribal Religions, Vol 12); Armin W. Gerrtz, Michael Lomatuway'Ma; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Chilula : People from the Ancient Redwoods; Robert G. Lake; Textbook Binding (Hard to Find)

Chippewa Customs (Publications of the Minnesota Historical Society); Frances Densmore; Paperback; $9.95

Choctaw Genesis 1500-1700 (Indians of the Southeast); Patricia Galloway; Hardcover; $65.00

Choctaw Music and Dance; James H. Howard, Victoria Lindsay Levine; Paperback; $12.55; Read more about this title...

Choctaws and Missionaries in Mississippi, 1818-1918; Clara Sue Kidwell; Paperback; $13.45; Read more about this title...

A Choctaw Source Book (North American Indian); John H. Peterson (Editor); Hardcover (Hard to Find)

The Choctaws : Cultural Evolution of a Native American Tribe; Jesse O. McKee; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Christ Is a Native American; Achiel Peelman; Paperback; $18.00; Read more about this title...

The Clown in Native North America (The Evolution of North American Indians); Julian Haynes Steward; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Clowns of the Hopi : Tradition Keepers and Delight Makers; Barton Wright; Paperback; $13.45

Coast Salish Essays; Wayne Suttles; Textbook Binding (Hard to Find)

Colonial Cakchiquels : Highland Maya Adaptations to Spanish Rule, 1600-1700 (Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology); Robert M. Hill; Paperback (Hard to Find)

Collected Works in Mesoamerican Linguistics and Archaeology (six volume set), Eduard Seler, John Eric Sidney Thompson, Francis B. Richardson, $175.00

C.N. Cotton and His Navajo Blankets; Williams Lester L. (Editor); Paperback (Hard to Find)

Comanche Political History : An Ethnohistorical Perspective 1706-1875 (Studies in the Anthropology of North American Indians); Thomas W. Kavanagh; Hardcover; $45.00; Read more about this title...

Commoners, Tribute, and Chiefs : The Development of Algonquian Culture in the Potomac Valley; Stephen R. Potter; Hardcover; $35.00; Read more about this title...

The Complete Guide to Traditional Native American Beadwork : A Definitive Study of Authentic Tools, Materials, Techniques, and Styles; Joel Monture; Paperback; $12.60; Read more about this title...

The Complete Book of Seminole Patchwork : From Traditional Methods to Contemporary Uses; Beverly Rush, Lassie Wittman; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

The Complete Visitor's Guide to Mesoamerican Ruins; Joyce Kelly; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Confessions of an Igloo Dweller; James Houston; Hardcover; $22.46; Read more about this title...

Conservatism Among the Iroquois at the Six Nations Reserve (The Iroquois and Their Neighbors); Annemarie Anrod Shimony; Paperback; $18.95; Read more about this title...

Contemplations of a Primal Mind; Gabriel Horn; Paperback; $11.65; Read more about this title...

Contemporary Hopi Pottery; Laura Graves Allen; Paperback (Hard to Find)

Contemporary Native American Artists; Dawn E. Reno; Paperback; $16.20

Contemporary Navajo Bibliography (Garland Reference Library of the Social Sciences, Vol 776); Howard M. Bahr; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Copper and Caribou Inuit Skin Clothing Production (Canadian Ethnology Service Mercury Series Paper No. 118); Jillian E. Oakes; Paperback (Hard to Find)

Corbett MacK : The Life of a Northern Paiute (Studies in the Anthropology of North American Indians); Michael Hittman; Hardcover; $45.00

Corn Is Our Blood : Culture and Ethnic Identity in a Contemporary Aztec Indian Village (Civilization of American Indian Series, Vol 206); Alan R. Sandstrom; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

The Covenants With Earth and Rain : Exchange, Sacrifice, and Revelation in Mixtec Sociality (The Civilization of the American Indian, No 219) Vol 219; John Monaghan; Hardcover; $42.95; Read more about this title...

Coyote Tales from the Indian Pueblos; Evelyn Dahl Reed; Paperback; $8.05

Coyoteway : A Navajo Holyway Healing Ceremonial; Karl W. Luckert; Textbook Binding (Hard to Find)

Creating Context in Andean Cultures (Oxford Studies in Anthropological Linguistics, 6); Rosaleen Howard-Malverde (Editor); Hardcover; $75.00

Creations of the Rainbow Serpent : Polychrome Ceramic Designs from Ancient Panama; Mary W. Helms; Hardcover; $40.50

Creature Teachers : A Guide to the Spirit Animals of the Native American Tradition; Twylah Hurd Nitsch, et al; Paperback; $13.45

Creek Source Book (North American Indian); William C. Sturtevant (Editor); Textbook Binding (Hard to Find)

Critical Essays on Native American Literature (Critical Essays on American Literature); Andrew O. Wiget (Editor); Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Crow Indian Beadwork : A Descriptive and Historical Study; William Wildschut, John Canfield Ewers; Paperback; $8.95

The Crow Indians; Robert Harry Lowie; Paperback; $10.80

Cuchama and Sacred Mountains; W. Y. Evans-Wentz; Paperback; $13.45

Cultivating the Rosebuds : The Education of Women at the Cherokee Female Seminary, 1851-1909; Devon A. Mihesuah; Hardcover; $35.95

Cultural Diversity Among Aboriginal Cultures of Coastal Virginia and North Carolina (The Evolution of North American Indians); Lewis R. Binford; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

A Cultural Geography of North American Indians; Thomas E. Ross, Tyrel G. Moore (Editor); Paperback (Hard to Find)

Cultures in Contact : The Impact of European Contacts on Native American Cultural Institutions, A.D. 1000 (Anthropological Society of Washington serie; William W. Fitzhugh (Editor); Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Cuna Molas and Cocle Art Forms : Reflections on Panamanian Design Styles and Symbols (Working Papers in the Traditional Arts ; 7); Mary W Helms; Paperback (Hard to Find)

Cycles of Life (American Indians); Time-Life Books (Editor); Hardcover; $17.96

Cycles of the Sun, Mysteries of the Moon : The Calendar in Mesoamerican Civilization; Vincent H. Malmstrom; Hardcover; $40.00; Read more about this title...

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