Wounded Knee 1973:
25 Years of Spiritual and Cultural Liberation
Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Oglala Lakota Nation, South Dakota

February 27-28, 1998

Wounded Knee Real Audio Files

January 26, 1998 Press Release...... Pine Ridge Resolution.....Air drop recollections

A recollection of the Commemoration

"One evening I went over to the Calico Hall where they were supposed to have a meeting and powwow. They talked about how they could not do anything, so then they decided to call on the American Indian Movement people for boy (Buddy) was in it. Anyway, we made packs for them, whatever they could carry - food and clothes for my son...I never had given it a thought that someday this would happen here again and my son was going to be next, lying in the Wounded Knee Cemetary. Before this happened he like to joke. They were sitting around and he said, 'If anything happens to me,' he said, 'bury me here in Wounded Knee.' And he laughed. Later on he said...'That's where I want to be, fighting for my people. I don't want to go out of here, our of Wounded Knee. I want to be buried right here.'"

--the late Agnes Lamont, recounts her only son Buddys' death at
Wounded Knee 1973, in conflict with Federal Forces.

Itinerary (subject to change)
  • Join the 4 Directions Walk to Wounded Knee beginning 10 a.m. February 27th, 1998

  • Symbolic Airdrop "Re-enactment of original 1500 lb. Food Drop made by Bill Zimmerman & Jim Stewart - March, 1973" - February 27th, 1998 at Wounded Knee

  • Symbolic March of 6 Nations Confederacy into Wounded Knee - Occupation: "A re-enactment of Orginal March led by Onandaga Leader Oren Lyons - Feb 1973"

  • Join the 4 Directions Sacred Run -- Calico to Wounded Knee [Contact Dennis Banks; fax: 606-581-9458 or email]

    Porcupine Gym Fri Feb 27 - Porcupine SD
    Manderson Gym Sat Feb 28 - Manderson SD
    Wacipi Guests

    Mrs. Rev. Ralph Abernathy, Mrs. William Kuntsler, All Living and Passed on WKLDOC Legal Team, All Living and Passed on AIM/WK1973 Veterans, Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman and Buffy Sainte-Marie

  • Slide Show & Photo Exhibits by Kevin McKiernan, Dick Bancroft, Michelle Vignes, et. al. - Porcupine School Gymnasium, Porcupine, SD February 27th, 1998

    (Free Indoor Concert)"
    - February 28th, 1998 at the Little Wound School, Kyle, SD 6 p.m. A Drug & Alcohol Free Event.

    MC'd by Andy Mader of AIM Arizona...


    Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman, Indigenous (Native Blues group), Tom Bee of XIT, Margo Thunderbird, John Trudell, Comedian Charlie Hill, Redsoul , Jim Page and many, many more.

  • Also check out our Educational Symposium - Little Wound School, Kyle, SD Sat. February 28th, 1998 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

    Discussion Topics (tentative):

    Environmental: "Nuclear Experiments - The Weapons, The Reactors, The Waster"

    Buffalo Restoration

    "A Living History: 1973 Defendants & Vets Recount Experience in the bunkers"

    Wounded Knee

    De-colonization: Intellectual property, Self-determination

    Agriculture: Non-Narcotic Hemp Production

    Treaty: Land Restoration of Black Hills

    Alcoholism & Diabetes

    Conflict Resolution

    Leonard Peltier & Political Imprisonment

    Welfare Reform

    Racism & Descrimination

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