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Dear Friends and Relatives...

On February 27th and 28th, 1998, the Lakota Student Alliance will be hosting a "Quarter Century Commemorative Celebration" on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Oglala Lakota Nation, South Dakota. This event commemorates Wounded Knee 1973, "A powerful symbol of the Resurgence Native Spirituality and Pride."

On January 22nd, 1998, the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council voted in favor of proclaiming February 27th, 1973, a National Tribal Holiday. This is an unprecedented show of solidarity and support for this important event.

Members of the Harmony Circle, Aztlan Mexica Nation have been asked by the Lakota Student Alliance to assist and provide protection (Harmony) of this sacred event. We take this invitation as a great Honor and responsibility.

We now come to you, our relatives, friends and supporters, to help make this trip a reality. We are requesting, at this time, donations be made to help us with travel expenses to and from this important and historic event. Money will be needed for gas, food and other essentials in our travels to South Dakota. Donation of a loaner van would also aid in keeping our expenses to a minimum as it would alleviate the need for extra vehicles.

Please make checks available to SOL Communications/Harmony Keepers and mail to Hector Perez-Pacheco, General Harmony Speaker at 1356 South Flower Street, Los Angeles, California 90033. We appreciate any assistance that can be provided in sponsoring this contingent of Harmony Keepers. If you have any questions, call (213) 746-2344

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