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General Charles C. Krulak
Commandant of the Marine Corps
Headquarters Marine Corps
2 Navy Annex
Washington, DC 20380-1775
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Dear Sir,

I am sending this letter as a direct request for your involvement in the Leonard Peltier Case. Leonard Peltier is a former Marine. He served from 1960 to 1961, being discharged with medical problems. Mr. Peltier gave his allegiance to this country and the Corps. Althought Mr. Peltier did not serve in combat, he was in the service when it could have happened at anytime, needless to say, the sixties were a time of major unrest worldwide.

We (Marines) talk of tradition, semper fi, fellowship of valor, once a marine, always a marine, well, this is the time to prove it. One of our's has been in jail for over 22 years, from my personal opinion, unjustly. We need someone to intervene in this case thats got a head on their shoulders. Someone that is not motivated by money or politics. If one of ours was still a POW in Vietnam, we would be there. Mr. Peltier is a POW in Leavenworth, Kansas. Let's look at the Combined Action Program, in Vietnam. Leonard Peltier was asked to do the same job for his people on the Pine Ridge Reservation in 1975.

I wouldn't stick my neck out in this case if I didn't feel I was right. I have met Mr. Peltier in person and communicate with him frequently. I invite you to do the same. I felt like taking my Silver Star off the wall and giving it to him. Sir, he is a great man, his people need him, we all need him. The President has Executive Clemmency Papers on his desk. All he has to do is sign them. On May 4th, Leonard is due for a Parole hearing. I am asking you to intervene and take charge of this. We can not afford to leave this man in jail.

Sir, my record speaks for itself, Serial #2157195, we have walked the same rice paddies and we both still believe. Let's get the job done.

Robert Branscombe

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