Open Letter to John Boy Patton

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Anna Mae was in Denver where she was kidnapped by Arlo Looking Cloud, Theda Nelson Clark, and John Boy Patton. Theda was given orders to have Anna Mae eliminated. In Denver, Arlo Looking Cloud raped Anna Mae. She was then taken back to South Dakota where she was shot in the back of the head by John Boy Patton Although Arlo would have shot Anna Mae, he gave John Boy his chance to prove his allegiance. Anna Mae asked for time to pray one last time, but was shot before she could.

This testimony was given by Arlo Looking Cloud, who escaped prosecution because he has Immunity. Why does he have Immunity and get to walk the streets of Denver bragging about it? Does John Boy Patton have Immunity by the Canadian government? If so, why? What keeps these people from being tried for murder?

In the Spirit of Anna Mae, Robert A. Pictou-Branscombe - 4.29.97

January 6, 1998

Thought it was about time you and I touched base. I am going to give you some real good advice and that is turn yourself in. Theda says,"you were a real good kid, you never smoked or drank and you were a real pleasure to be around." and your buddy, Arlo says, "you shot Anna Mae in the back of the head." What Arlo says appears to be the truth. What's going to end up happening, is that you are going to go down as the Benedict Arnold of all Native Americans. You killed a hero and now that hero is a legend. This has all happened in 22 years, imagine another 20 years.

By this time, you know who I am and I am not going away. The way I see it, there is 6 of you, I know where all of you live, even your AKA, hell, I even had my picture taken with three of you. I even had a short conversation with you on the phone, which we chalked off as a wrong number. I even know about your trips to British Columbia. Your so-called friends are still selling you out. Maybe everyone is tired of all the guilt and lies. You feel like the Canadian Government is protecting you. Well, not for long. You see John, I am a part of this destiny nobody counted on. I know my family. The Pictou Family is probably the highest decorated Indian family in history, but one went down that some of us didn't know about until recently, that was Anna Mae. You guys made a major mistake, you sold out. But you didn't sell out alone. Your so-called elite group (Dog Soldiers) as some call you, blew it. Anna Mae was never an informant, but she knew who you were and that is why she was killed. Remember this, I know who all of you are. I know there is a lot of people involved. They knew the truth before I did. To those folks, they can live with their guilt.

You are going down and my promise to you is that you will all face charges within the year. I am not here to take the law into my own hands or make anyone else do it. What we all want is truth. You all have to stand trial and you, John, are going to end up taking the wrap for everyone, if you don't change it. My advice is to; call me and I will try to help, but... TIME IS RUNNING OUT. If YOU have a problem with this, sue me, or call me. Either way, Truth Will Prevail. But, like I said, I am here to help and I'm the one that can do it. It's your call... Pick up the phone. Call collect. 520-567-7229

In the Spirit of Anna Mae, Robert A. Pictou-Branscombe - January 6, 1998

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