those days to speak of you desire...what hides there you think? something different sun washed all brown and perhaps a bit more, this now was then although not felt as might a bruise come slyly to a clean and unwashed picture.

and yet there was a difference...for then was far far prior to roiling clouds not yet descended swirling whipping yapping wrapping wresting smiles and dreams from me...if there must be consequence it must be that...that then was not this time of knowing...was rather a time of naivete of ignorance of of...what?

ill tell you what. it. was. the beginning of this end this time these corners driven into was the goddamn stage a springboard poised so as to propel me/he/it out into a place with no definition no guides no breeze no respite no no no no no. nothing!

so dont ask me for what used to be

...salt  ...moat like