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The Greenfield Pocumtuc site in Greenfield, MA. has been the site of proposed development since 1991.The Greenfield Pocumtuc site( Peskeomskut) is a fishing village inhabited until 1676 when Captain Turner massacred 400 Pocumtuc there during King Phillip's War.

This 63 acre parcel is owned by Peter Mackin, a construction company owner. An archaeological dig finished there on August 31st. The owner is now free to clearcut the forest, dynamite, and remove more earth from the pit area preparing for development.

On August 15,1996 Grand Chief Joseph Norton and Chief Billy Two Rivers of Quebec's Mohawk Grand Council met with town officials, archaeologists, and representatives from Senator Edward Kennedy's office in Old Deerfield. This meeting was helped by previous e-mail campaigns.

A Greenfield Recorder article last week spoke of the Department of Environmental Management's efforts to pursue purchase of the site to preserve and protect.

A separate Greenfield Recorder article spoke of the Town of Greenfield's pursuit of actively searching for industry to develop. This was determined by Consensus "96, a community development project. Greenfield has recently acquired two other land parcels to develop industry at.

We need you to send your condemnations to the Town of Greenfield as well as your support to the Department Of Environmental Management for protection.

For more information please use this URL: Please cut and paste the following to the Greenfield Town Council and e-mail to You may add more before your name and address.

You may also snail mail or fax at the following:

Town Council Town of Greenfield 14 Court Square Greenfield, MA. 01301

Fax: 1-(413)-772-2238

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Town Council
Town of Greenfield
14 Court Square
Greenfield, MA. 01301

Dear Town Council Members,

I am writing to express my digust with the Town of Greenfield's community development plans resulting from Consensus "96. This is in reference to Consensus '96's active pursuit of industry for the Mackin sandpit. Greenfield has received a Federal grant which was used to open up two other properties for industry. What can be the need for three industries in Greenfield?

The Mackin sandpit is the Pocumtuc fishing village, Peskeomskut which stretched for many miles along the Connecticut River for thousands of years.It is sacred to New England, New York, And Canadian indigenous peoples. The ancestors of many of these peoples and died there. That blood still runs through many living now in these areas.

In 300 years since the massacre killing 400 Pocumtuc by Captain Turner at Falls River there is only 60 acres left. There is pillow lava and dinosaur fossil prints in the ridge. Peskeomskut is listed in the Federal and State Registrys of Historical Places.

As Town Council members it is your duty to serve the people as well as the town. Look to ways to preserve and protect as an example for the children rather than short lived production.

Sincerely Name, Town, State

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Letters of support for the Department of Environmental Management to present to the State to secure Peskeomskut's protection:

Cut and paste the following, you may add more, e-mail to Or snail mail to :

Terry Blount
Department of Environmental Management (DEM)
1136 Damon Rd.
Northampton, MA. 01060

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Terry Blount
Dept. of Environmental Mgmt.
1136 Damon Rd.
Northampton, MA. 01060

Dear Mr. Blount,

I am writing to express my support of efforts by your department to secure for protection and preservation the Mackin property in Greenfield, Ma.

The Mackin property is the Pocumtuc fishing village, Peskeomskut (Great Falls)inhabited for thousands of years through archaeological evidence until 300 years ago. It is the only undeveloped land of Peskeomskut which spanned for miles along the Connecticut River around the mouth of the Falls River. During King Phillip's War in 1676 Captain Turner massacred 400 Pocumtuc there.

Peskeomskut is a unique village used by tribes from New England, New York, and Canada. It is sacred to these people to this day. The ancestors blood who fished and died there still runs in those living in these areas now.

Pillow lava and dinosaur fossil footprints are geological points of the land. It is located at the base of the Mohawk Trail beside the Connecticut River and known for its scenery.

Please preserve this site for it's ancestral, historical, environmental, geological, and scenics merits and protect the wildlife, ecosystem, and artifacts remaining.

Sincerely, Name, Town, State

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Wanita Sears
Friends of the Mohawk Trail State Forest

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