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NOTE: As of 12.96 the Editor of Indian Country Today has stated the following

"At Indian Country Today we use internet sources as potential leads for stories. We carefully check the sources and authenticate information. We do not consider much of the internet as a factual source. Indian Country Today will no longer visit the [First Nations] web site ... because of [its] continued proliferation of gossip, rumor and innuendo in their misguided attempt to support American Indian issues. ...misleading and misinformed sources may harm innocent people and cause others unnecessary anguish."
In light of the Editor's antipathy towards Leonard Peltier, AIM, Peter Matthiessen and his support for the FBI, I consider his declaration an endorsement of this site's veracity.

12.17.96, Jordan S. Dill

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AOL & Barbie - 6.27.97

[Wal-Mart Ravage in Tennessee] [Nashua, New Hampshire Needs Help] [National Site of Genocide] [S. Dakota Religious Restrictions] [Houston Oilers and Burial Sites] [Another burial site attack] [Rescind the medals of dis-Honor] [Holding the Wizard of Oz Accountable] [The "How" of the theft of Nevada] [Another Attack on the Lakota] [Holding the BIA Accountable] [Leeds Flat Victory]

Rescind the Medals of dis-Honor

An email campaign has been initiated so as to force the U.S. Government to rescind the twenty medals of dis-Honor awarded participants in the Massacre at Wounded Knee.

Wear Your Support For This Petition - Visit The First Nations Promotions Page

The granting of these medals for a slaughter of non-combatants unworthy of brute beasts is an outrage to several kinds of conscience: to anyone aware of our country's past dealings with American Indian peoples; to anyone who shares the explicit Christian profession of many of the speeches, editorials, and other expressions that contributed to the climate around the massacre, and that condoned it after the fact; and to anyone who would hallow the memory of genuine Medal of Honor recipients and who has lived a sheltered and privileged life because of the sacrifices of others. On this last ground alone, anyone who would defend the valor connoted by the Medal of Honor should want the record of the Wounded Knee Massacre removed as far as possible from any connection with the revered ranks of those who wore the Medal of Honor.

Anyone who winces at accounts of modern atrocities on the evening news should want to execrate the memory of this atrocity; so should anyone who reflected at all on yesterday's international commemoration of the victims of the Nazi Holocaust. Who of us, when we saw photographs of GIs staring shocked at the abandoned camps, did not instantly identify with the liberators and turn with repugnance from the industry of death before them? How were the butchers of Wounded Knee better than the butchers of Lyons and of so many other places?

I urge you and your colleagues, in the spirit of General Nelson Miles, to do all in your power to condemn and to reverse this injustice to American Indian peoples and this indignity to our nation.

Thank you.

Thomas Cook, April 19, 1996

Wal-Mart Ravage in Tennessee

Last summer, 1997, it was announced that construction of a Wal-Mart/Lowe's super center was being planned for a location on Charlotte Pike in the West Meade neighborhood of Davidson County Tennessee, Nashville Tennessee. The construction plans require the destruction of a prehistoric Native American cemetery and Civil War fortifications. The Native cemetery dates to the Mississippian cultural period and is probably around 800 years old. There are at LEAST 40 known Indian graves on this site, and it is believed that the number of burials may reach into the hundreds.

AIM Tennessee Requests Assist With Burial Sites

Another attack on a First Nations burial site...

Houston Oilers Attempting To Build On Burial Site

Another attack on a First Nations burial site...

National Historic Genocide Site

Wasichu says the Washita Massacre was a Battle and wishes to enshrine the site as such...please lend your support to call the "incident" what is really was...a massacre.

South Dakota Governor Proposes Restrictions on Native Use Of Public Land

The House of Janklow seeks to further limit the rights of the First Nations.

Stop Nebraskan Barretts' Attack On The Lakota

The salient points are these.

(1) The Santee Sioux Tribe of Nebraska were not signatories to the Fort Laramie Treaty 1868 or the Treaty of 1876 (the Maypenny Agreement), which stole the Black Hills, upon which Docket 74a and Docket 74b are based.

(2) This legislative effort originates from a Santee tribal council resolution asking for their share of the Docket 74a monies. As a result of pressure brought to bear on the tribal council by traditional elders and members of the entire Lakota Nation, the Santee tribal council withdrew its resolution. Barrett, however, has continued his legislative campaign, even though nobody within the Lakota, Dakota, or Nakota Nations now are asking for money from the Docket 74a settlement.

Holding the BIA Responsible An Impossible Dream?

You may have heard about the millions of dollars lost by the BIA recently, or other disturbing news about the BIA. U.S. News & World Report magazine (11/28/94) described the BIA as "The Worst Federal Agency," bar none. At a congressional hearing (House Report - 499), the Inspector General of (Interior) described the BIA as "a multifaceted monster" and "an organizational nightmare," and further stated that "the BIA is a tinder box simply waiting for a spark."

Dave Henry is this "spark" who has for ten years been trying to get calculated fraud exposed to the public. He demands reform in the agency that controls so much of the lives of our Native American citizens. He was fired by BIA for speaking honest words, and went through years of fruitless appeals with an alphabet-soup of federal agencies, none of which would grant a hearing on the merits of his case. This is a common pattern for federal whistleblowers; the chance of a hearing is less than one in a thousand.

Stealing Nevada

The theft of Nevada...

Leeds Flat Victory

A successful email campaign has just been completed (10.10.96). This campaign stopped retail giant Wal-Mart from destroying a recently discovered important archaeological site on a floodplain along Catskill Creek. The site is called "Leeds Flat," and is situated 30 miles south of Albany, New York.

Please visit this site to thank Wal-Mart for their decision to honor the Mohican Nation. Your advice can be forwarded via an input form...

Acknowledge L. Frank Baum's (author of The Wizard of Oz) Genocidal Declarations

Today we also need to make a stand. We who live in Aberdeen, or in other parts of South Dakota, or outside the state, would like to attend a conference dedicated to better understanding L. Frank Baum and his time in South Dakota. We recognize, however, that before we can plan to celebrate the Aberdeen days of this man, we need to acknowledge his two calls for genocide.

Please, by your signature on this petition, support this call to render Baum's genocidal declarations visible to the world.

Help required in Nashua

All of the guests wore Eagle feather headdresses.

The guests wore badges which told what sort of chiefs they were.

The Mayor was "Chief of Chiefs." His secretary, Nancy Mellin, was "Chief Bodyguard," and she carried a bow and arrow. Alderman Claire McGrath was "Chief of Aldermen." Tom Kelley, the replacement for Mr. Lewis, was "Standby Chief."

All those who were not chiefs wore badges that said,"Just an Indian."

Some of the guests were banging on tom-toms.

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