We The People by JD Challenger
A Response To The Assault
on the Oneida

Indian Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to my Tribe, to the democratic principles of the Republic and to the individual freedoms borrowed from the Iroquois and Choctaw Confederacies, as incorporated in the United States Constitution, so that my forefathers shall not have died in vain.

So...what do we know about these guys?

We know they "...are a group of only 34 members at this time." We know they are cowards who have failed to name themselves. Cowards pure and simple. This as Wasichu can so best typify.

We know that "they" are one of the best indications that the Indian Wars are not over:

Beginning in mid-November, we will begin the blood shedding. We will execute one Indian approximately every three days, starting Thanksgiving Day. We will also execute one U.S. citizen (from Upstate NY area) who is noticed by one of the USNFF members as a person who contributes to the Indian nation by supporting the Casino and SavOn Gas Stations. Women will not be spared. Those who contribute to the Indians are traitors, not worthy of sympathy.

So...how to deal with these cowards? First off we'll take them seriously.

Second, while the Oneida surely need no help in dealing with these cowardly Washicu, I second the following challenge...spoken by another: "To those opposed to the Oneida and wish[ing] to kill one Indian and one US citizen every three days? I challenge you! Kill me first."

  • David Rider, 7925 Birch Street, New Orleans, Louisiana. Second floor...
  • Jordan Dill, Barnard, Vermont...having no street address, call me from the Country Store. I'll come down to meet you.
  • Ken Jordan, 128 Valley View Road, North Conway, New Hampshire

Assault on the Oneida

American Indian Movement

First Nations

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