Assault on the Oneida

[Note: As we all now know, the following advice is all over the Net. I'd like to add some background information.

I have the "letter"...a copy of the original faxed to me. Fax stamping shows that it was faxed "oct-29-199" from the Utica Observer Dispatch newsroom.

Apparently the newspaper faxed this letter to the Oneida County Sheriff's Dept. A Sherrif's Deputy is then alleged to have given a copy to his neighbor. The neighbor allegedly took a copy to the Host Marriot Travel Plaza on the New York State Thruway at Exit 32.

At the Travel Plaza the letter was copied and pasted to a wall. It was "suggested" that this letter was not in the best interest of Host Marriot and it was taken down.

I use the term allegedly but, the scenario seems plausible to me.

As more information becomes available it will be posted here...JS Dill, 11.6.99]


This is a message from the USNFF (United States National Freedom Fighters). Although we are a group of only 34 members at this time, we are a determined one. One that is willing to give and shed blood for what we believe. And, however pleased it would be to grow in number, we are not asking the general public to help USNFF to the extent that its members are willing to. Instead, we only ask that you show compassion for your fellow U.S. citizens whose lives are being ripped apart by the Oneida Indian Nation.

How would you feel if Saddam Hussein and a bunch of his countrymen came into your neighborhood, demanded the home that you and your ancestors worked so hard for, and no one would stop them ? No one would help you. That is EXACTLY what is happening to those Americans who are involved in the Oneida Land Claim. Saddam (here, Halbritter) has come to take the land of hard working, God loving, U.S. citizens. And no one cares.

The USNFF has watched this situation for quite some time. We hoped that the resolution would have been amicable. Unfortunately, the USNFF is being forced by the local, State, and Federal government to act on behalf of those unfortunate Americans.

The compassion that we ask of you can be had in simple ways. For instance, you can call your local congressman to let him know how you feel. However, what we REALLY want from you, the public (especially those living in Upstate NY) is for you not to give the Indians money. That means no more going to the casino, or SavOn Gas Stations. For your safety, from the Indians and the USNFF, this is very important.

Beginning in mid-November, we will begin the blood shedding. We will execute one Indian approximately every three days, starting Thanksgiving Day. We will also execute one U.S. citizen (from Upstate NY area) who is noticed by one of the USNFF members as a person who contributes to the Indian nation by supporting the Casino and SavOn Gas Stations. Women will not be spared. Those who contribute to the Indians are traitors, not worthy of sympathy.

From the beginning ALL USNFF members have been worried about children being harmed in these rash measures that we hoped we would not have to employ. We will make EVERY attempt to ensure the safety of ALL children - Indian and American. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE YOUR CHILDREN TO THE CASINO !!!!!!!!!!!EVER OR TO ANY SavOn Gas STATION. Several bombs WILL BE PLANTED sometime after December. THERE WILL BE NO NOTICE.

At some point, if things go the way we think they are (not the way we WANT them to), four VERY courageous people in the USNFF have offered to give their lives for this cause - they will do so by driving two to four trucks carrying explosives into the Oneida Nation's Casino. Good luck, people.


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