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Maslack proposal notes
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DNA Testing (401-453-8353): the DNA Laboratory of RIBC offers the following services: parentage testing, Bone Marrow Transplant Monitoring and Research Projects involving DNA.

HLA Testing(401-453-8397): Also known as "tissue typing," this testing matches patients and donors for organ and bone marrow transplants and platelet transfusions. [human] leukocyte antigens (HLA) (great article on mtDNA analysis of Native American populations) &page=/paternity/faq.shtml

Q. Could you explain the difference between HLA and DNA testing?.

A. HLA analysis tests antigens found on the surface of the white cells (leukocytes), whereas DNA measures the actual genetic sequences found in the body's nucleated cells, by analyzing the blood's white cells or the mouth's squamous epithelial buccal cells. :

Our current research efforts use molecular, cellular, and serologic methods to characterize new histocompatibility (HLA) alleles in African-American and Native American populations and to assess the significance of these polymorphisms for kidney graft survival;

... In the past, HLA alleles that shared serologic crossreactive patterns were assumed to share similar DNA sequences and a common allelic ancestor. ... Currently we are investigating the prevalence and significance of such serologic and molecular discrepancies, since they may account in part for shorter allograft survival rates in minority populations.

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