by Larry Kibbey

.. I am presenting to you a list of groups that are in fact currently in operation in these United States and for the most part are or have been endorsed and supported by the Republican Party, openly at times by Senator Bob Dole and House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Through documentation located on the "Peoples Home Page" (Treaty Rights- Paths to Political and Legal Issues), and the Center For World Indigenous Studies, there is a very strong indication that the anti-Indian groups, militia and wise-use groups have formed a unity, with an indication that some have in fact close ties to Neo-Nazi, White Supremacy and Aryan groups.

Advocates of Private Property Rights, State Rights, Pro Logging, Pro Mining, Pro Wildlife and Fishing, etc., many of the Anti-Indian groups are large financial contributors to local, state and federal legislators who have in fact promoted legislation on their behalf, mainly Republicans.

With an agenda directed largely at Treaty Rights, Land Claims, Cultural Resources, these Anti-Indian groups continue to advocate their regards not only to local, state and federal legislators, but play a major role in the policy making efforts of the U.S. Forest Service, National Parks Service, and the Bureau of Land Management.

Utilizing various tatics, people and other groups/organizations, the Anti- Indian Movement has developed a wide range of communication and in order to suppress this movement, a solidarity movement of combined forces from the Traditional Movement to various Environmental groups/organization(NA) must be established, and Tribal Leaders, and other voices of the Sovereign Nations must assist in this strength of solidarity so that a full effort to hinder or distort anti-Indian activity can be arrived at.


If you have information of other such groups, please add to this list. The establishment of solidarity must be a factor of reality, if there is going to become a stronger force towards the preservation and protection of the culture, tradition and heritage. Thank you.

Larry Kibbey - 11.96

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