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Alleged Native American and Certified Imposter Given Air Time By WKZO
Kalamazoo, Michigan

WKZO AM 590 radio in Kalamazoo, MI., has been featuring, every Fri. from 1 - 2 pm, a Mr. Dale Hyatt who purports to address critical Native American issues and asserts that he speaks for ALL Native People. Hyatt's stance is dangerous to the general listening audience in that the resultant consensus is that he is a Native American and spokesperson for Native American issues

Hyatt is not recognized as a Native American, yet continues to claim himself as Lakota and/or Cherokee. Hyatt was previously banished from Native American gatherings across Michigan for acts and conduct which Anishnaabek found to be insulting and disgraceful.

As a result of his banishment, Hyatt started a hobbiest club "Two Worlds Intertribal Lodge," where 40-60 members elected him as "chief." Through his club, Hyatt performs caricatures of religious functions such as: namings, sweats, Eagle feather presentations and other ceremonies.

Hyatt uses this radio broadcast to promote himself, his lodge and to strengthen stereotypes of Native Americans.

During live broadcasts Hyatt has falsely stated that no Natives were visiting Michigan prisons, nor addressing the issues of reburial and repatriation of First Nations remains. Accordingly, he says, he has been forced to become a champion for Native rights. He has also associated our sacred medicines with marijuana stating, "they give you a relaxed, mellow feeling."

WKZO fully backs Hyatt in spite of the consistent community outcry and direct contact from tribal and organizational leaders demanding that he be taken off the air.

Continue to support his banishment from our tribal and community gatherings. Write letters of protest to the station manager, William Wertz, Fax # 616-345-1436. Please do not call the station during show time.

Request tribal and organizational leaders to write letters of protest.

Sign and help circulate petitions demanding Hyatt be taken off the air.

For more information call: Anne Bush 616-792-9650 or Clarence Syrett at 616-684-5606.

A recent letter sent to the radio station...

William Wertz
Station Manager

Dear Sir,

I would hope that you would have the decency to preface the program by Dale Hyatt with the caveat that the preceding program is fictional. The claims made by this man are false, he represents only himself and no native people. The man does not speak for me or mine.

Linda LeMonde

The Station Manager's Reply...

At 03:15 PM 5/17/96 EDT, you wrote:


I'm in receipt of your fax regarding Dale Hyatt. I acknowledge that "he does not speak for you or yours." However he does assert - each week on-the-air - that he speaks for himself and his lodge and specifically does not claim to speak for all Native Americans.

I repectfully will not preface the program with "the preceeding is fictional." I continue to invite diverse opinions and other voices on the show, including inviting the 2 elders who have challenged Hyatt. This is not the Dale Hyatt show; it's a show for and about Native Americans.

Hyatt is being tried and convicted without proper Native American procedures and in anybody's tradition that's an injustice!

Bill Wertz

PS: Is your "The trees, speaking one to the other said' Watch out for the axe handle, he is one of us, you know" a veiled threat? I am reporting this to the proper authorities and I trust you meant no harm by it.

Ishgooda's Response...

Dear Sir;

What you have read is my signature file, not a threat, and it accompanies all email that I send.

It is a warning to beware of wolves in sheeps' clothing. As you may have noted it DOES apply in this instance to your mister Dale Hyatt, whether of native ancestory or not. Those who seek to divide us as a people often claim to "be" one of us.

Mr. Hyatt "is" the axe handle in this reference.

If the moaccasin fits - wear it.


September 20, 1996 Update
Friday, September 20, 1996 was the last regularly scheduled hour long broadcast on AM590 WKZO Radio of guest Dale Hyatt.

AM590 WKZO Radio will, from time to time, continue to broadcast news of interest to Native and Non-Native Americans regarding Native American news in and around the Kalamazoo area; Native American news will not, however, be a regular weekly feature on AM590 WKZO Radio.

I am formally requesting that all negative E-Mail from you regarding Dale Hyatt cease immediately. Furthur I formally request that your "hate E-Mail" site asking people to E-Mail me or WKZO be terminated as, again, Dale Hyatt is no longer a regular guest on WKZO.

In conclusion it is sad for me to note, for the record, that I and WKZO Radio have always had an open door to any dissident views on our Native American programming as noted by our "actions" not our "words." Sadly the only interests your group seems to have as an agenda is fostering hate withing your own people. You have effectively "shut down" one of the very few "open forum" lines of communication for the Native American community.


William Wertz
WKZO Radio
Kalamazoo MI

On May 21st the Station Manager responded
to his considerable email re Hyatt...

Interspersed throughout the following letter you will note Ishgooda's repsonse:

Wertz says...

This is in response to your E-Mail to me.

I appreciate your concern regarding Dale Hyatt on WKZO Radio. Unfortunately most of you sending me E-Mail have never heard the show and only know that which you are fed from those who are literally out to get him. There are 2 major issues here.

We are in process of transcribing the statements in question for posting. Let Mr. Hyatt condemn himnself by his own words

There are 2 major issues here.

1. Dale Hyatt is not an Indian. Says who?
The Tribal Judge of the Lakota people Isaac Dog Eagle has stated that Mr. Hyatt is not Lakota.

The Cherokee do not recognize Mr. Hyatt either, as was researched by Daniel Walking Stick.

These papers were presented to you in the meetings you have had with the parties involved, yet you refuse to acknowledge their validity. Why? Does it not serve your purposes to do so?

Says those who until last summer weren't Indians either. The very people who are after Hyatt are using the very narrow "Federally Recognized Status" to determine who is and who isn't Indian. How really unfair! The very people who are now (Federally Recognized Status Indians after a 61 year long fight to attain that status) Indians are using a piece of paper from the Federal Government to determine blood lines. These same people were Indians before they had their Federal Status; they are still Indians, with it. Hyatt is not a member of a Federally Recognized Tribe but does that make his blood any less than that which it is. I think not and until last summer the very people who are claiming he isn't an Indian weren't either, yet their blood was and is just as pure as his.

2. The real issue is a "personal issue between Hyatt and 2 elders." The Pokagon Band (the Band who received Federal Recognition last summer) was asked by 2 elders to ask WKZO, by formal resolution, to take Hyatt off the radio. They did so, but we talked and continue to talk. Then the elders did what, within the Native community, isn't right. They told the Pokagon Band Council to "not be involved" which led Pokagon Chairman Matt Wesaw to "formally withdraw the Pokagon resolution and offerred a formal apology, on-air, to WKZO Radio.

Mr. Wesaw was asked to intervene and did so. He was not asked to be continually involved and was not. He stepped aside with apologies as his role as mediator had ended. Don't twist the situation.
I urge each and every one of you who has written me to contact the Pokagon Band and ask for a copy of their most recent newsletter. Their address is: Pokagon Band Potawatomi, Matt Wesaw - Chairman, 714 North Front Street, Dowagiac MI 49047. The Pokagon Band has gone to great length to act as a mediator in this dispute and they will tell you, directly, that in hindsight, this issue (with Hyatt on WKZO) although one which involves Native Americans, really is a personal issue between Frank... , Rose... , and Dale Hyatt. I also urge each of you, rather than condenming Hyatt, personally contact Dale Hyatt himself... I'd also ask you to personally contact his accussers, Frank... and/or Rose..., but I have been personally asked by both to not disclose their addresses.
You may have failed to read the posting we sent you? The elder involved, Ann Bush has had her number listed on the net since the beginning of this fiasco for people to be able to confirm for themselves what the situation is. The elder Rose is in her 80's. Would you subject her to further harassment beyond that of Mr. Hyatt's original confrontation with her? I think not. We protect and honor our elders and will continue to do so.
Now...what kind of coward is that? You have my address and I continue to talk with anyone over this issue. You have the Pokagon Band address and Chairman Matt Wesaw's name and they, too, will talk, telling you "they have withdrawn support for the protest." However, by their specific request, one I'll relunctantly respect even though they freely give out my name and address, you cannot contact Frank... or Rose... Why? Apparently they want to create unrest but are unwilling to enter the fray other than to create the unrest!

This is a very sad situation and is, in reality, one terrible mis-justice.

It's Talk Radio obviously.
It's also the cruelest form of Racism, where one Native blood brother pits themself against another. The heart, not the Federal Government, should determine whethere one ulitimately is a Native American. Agree or disagree but I trust you will at least consider what Pokagon Band Chairman Matt Wesaw said..."this is a personal issue between Hyatt and Frank... and Rose...." It is not about whether Dale Hyatt is or is not a Native American. Talk Radio obviously will create, or should create, at least 2 sides on every issue, this one included. We welcome talk on this issue. What we will no longer welcome, as we once did, is a daily personal attack on-the-air on whether Hyatt is an Indian.
Where are the on-the-air dissenters? You have refused to permit "the people" air time, intimating that this is suppose to be a postive show, ergo no criticisms.

Native American issues are not your issues. Get the man off the air and stick with things that you know.

Thank you for, hopefully, reading my entire response to your E-Mail.

Bill Wertz
WKZO Radio

On June 16, 1996 Statio Manager Wertz reiterated his support
for the First Nations Imposter

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