...came i without design

used to be i crouched in corners quiet never speaking seeing no one for days on end the beast all quiet head down quiet as sleeping...now the crouching has been replaced by drink and restless sleeping and the respite never comes...now am so far gone that even those i love cant touch me and for me they might as well not be there wherever that there is...cause now im alien set apart a wolf condemned by habit to roam a round an round an round and round...

how to this no caring came i without design...how come i came to this place without a conscious step...how come i came here to this quiet and lonely place...how come i inherited became what once was framed upon a wall...how come how come how come how come no normalcy despite the fact that i was well prepared for such...how come how come how...come

...honesty  ...a crystal shimmers

grasshoppers gate