there is no ease to honest cause i have learned so well to hide away from those who can not will not listen and only grass are concerned with their take on me and them thereby defined...no, there never can be honest in this world of mine of anger contained, oh yes, contained. but. watch out. watch out. watch out carefully.

and you should be so thankful for the holding back the discipline the failure of resolve for if i could i would stomp so boldly so thoroughly on this world that shake would need a redefine.

dream softly now and think some times of those of us who lurk beyond your dark times thinking thinking of ways to come to grip.

cause i am here for sure and wondering always how to resolve the this of that oh yes one day i will and when that time sweeps down there will come a revelation so far fleeing through a vale of sorrow wrapped now about this soul.

...weep  ...came i without design.

grasshoppers gate