...i am the wolf

no matter light...no matter love...no matter life...no matter, ever. no matter can adjust the chiseled now. whose tools have caused this etching deep...whose tools and food has fed the hammer...whose. whose dice were rolled and outcome driven...whose lead all that to me?

one rails in youth while elders accept the fight the burden light and dark...so i will travel as i might head high and low in pain and joy yet always moving left to right and back combined into onto an aimless path.

i am the wolf alone and distant looking always towards the fire...i am a traveler of the dark side guarded by my light i am i am...i am a lonely true by choice outside the walls of norm...i am a walker silent stepping into an around whats known...i am one of few who did not ask to walk this way but stand quietly without a thought to why...i am i am i am.

i am a watcher of you all but silent looking looking out all windows at the acts the stance the poise and postures of all fellows not my fellows no youre not i am i am...distant and apart.

i am. there. always. one of few the silent ones...enough we are to guard the light and from this light we move into onto into dark times and by doing give you time to walk in safety while the fights the issues are discussed and wrestled in some far off place a realm a dream of consequence...i am iam iami am.

...i wrestle  ...despite the knowing

grasshoppers gate