In Support of Bobby Castillo©
by (Rickeridge)

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It is really amazing that people really think that Leonard Peltier will be released by President Bill Clinton. I have read so much the past few years about all the hope and waiting for Clinton to release him for Christmas after he was reelected.

I have also been keeping up with all the fighting between AIM-National and the Confederation in who was going to control the Peltier Committee. It has now become very clear of all the attacks that Dennis Banks and National Aim made against people like Bobby Castillo, David Hill, Bob Robideaux to name a few who gave years of their lives to try and help Free Leonard Peltier.

Now, Ben Nightmare Campbell (Republican) and Traitor to his people, is working with Dennis Banks and keeping the game alive fooling everyone that Leonard Peltier has a chance. I have been keeping up with the many meetings and demonstrations organized by Bobby Castillo in the San Francisco, Leavenworth, Washington D.C. and Europe. All to be shut down by Government infiltration. I have been keeping up with these attacks against him I can assure you that you wont find the truth in Jordan S Dills web pages. He seems to be a provecture him self. He has not put one article in the pages about how Bobby Castillo lobbied the European Parliament and was able to get 202 out of 235 members of congress or the 68 resolutions he relieved from the German Parliament, the resolution from the Italian parliament or all the petitions he relieved from the mayors and supervisors when he walked to 50 cities in France. Resolutions and letters written by Daniel Mitterand former President wife of France and Lional Jospen who will probably be the next president of France to name a few. Why has The Peltier Committee pushed Bobby Castillo out for such good work? Why did they force him do disband the Peltier group here in the Bay Area of San Francisco when it was probably the most active committee in the world. Bobby was demanding justice and demanding Leonards release in organizing Civil Disobedience and being diplomatic as well.

Lets take a look at just what happened to the committee and its easy to see why Leonard Peltier is still in prison. it starts with Dennis Banks himself, in his appointment of Carol Standing Elk to the position of the western regional director of National Aim. She has never organized one thing for Peltier nor has she ever been to any political event in the bay area in regards to human rights for indigenous peoples. She has divided people and attacked many friends of mine who I see as very good people.

Then we have The Peltier committee in Kansas itself.Lisa Faurolo, Bill May and W. Lee Hill. I talked to Bobby before he left the Peltier committee and understand his need not to be associated with them. When Bobby discovered just who the committee was, they worked to discredit Bobby, in fear that he would expose the whole trip. Bobby did not want to expose anything in public in hope that Leonard would get out. I think when Christmas came around and still no release I figured it's time to expose this game. Bobby said Lee Hill couldn't be trusted that he is a fed. I know Bobby is right. Here is Lee Hills background.

W. Lee Hill after working for the San Diego District Attorney's office from May 1989 to February 1993 as deputy district attorney in which his assignments included Major Narcotics Unit, U.S. Attorneys Office (OCDETF) forfeiture Unit), JUDGE (Jurisdictions Unified for Drug/Gang Enforcement), a vertical prosecution unit that targets recidivist and narcotics involved gang members. Lee hill became the co-founder of the Verloc Group Inc. which provided commercial counterintelligence and investigative services to private industry. among other things. Here is a profile of Lee Hill and his associates relieved from W.Lee Hills resume. Lee Hill is one Leonard Peltiers Lawyer and is on the executive committee of the LPDC.


Darryl R. Thibault, has served over 20 years in the Directorate of Operations (Clandestine Service of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and has extensive operational experience in illegal foreign technology theft and in the counterintelligence and counter narcotics areas. He has served in Asia, Europe and the United States, including tours as CIA Stations and Base chief. Mr. Thibault is a licensed Private investigator and member of the California Association of Licensed investigators(CALI), the OPSEC Professionals Society, the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS-San Diego Chapter Chairman), and the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO-San Diego Chapter President). He is also a licensed attorney and member of the Washington, D.C. and Federal Bar Associations. Mr. Thiebult has delivered talks before civic and professional groups groups on security, investigations and counterintelligence.

W. LEE HILL is a former criminal prosecutor, having served with the U.S. Attorneys office and the San Diego County District Attorneys office. He is a member of the California, Colorado and Federal Bar Associations. Mr. Hill has investigative experience in both criminal and civil cases and has worked closely with local and federal level law enforcement agencies including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Naval investigative Service (NIS) and the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). A former Naval Intelligence Officer, Mr. Hill is a member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO).

JOHN C. RHINES is a former technical Operations and Special Projects Officer with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Having retired from the CIA in July 1993 with 21 years experience, Mr. Rhines is chief technical advisor for the Verloc Group. He has worked with and trained law enforcement personnel, both from U.S. agencies and foreign services, in sophisticated technical applications. Expertise in detecting predatory technical operations and teamwork are Mr. Rhines strength.

Other subcontractor specialists and experts are drawn, where needed, from the ranks of former U.S. government intelligence, security and law enforcement agencies.
4225 Executive Square. Suite 1400. La Jolla, California 92037
Lee Hill is engaged to Lisa Faurolos sister. Lisa of course runs the Peltier Defense committee. Now what a great picture we have here. It's time the truth came out.

DENNIS BANKS, LEE HILL, LISA FAUROLO????????? Will Leonard Peltier ever get out????? There are some people who benefit from having Leonard behind bars and it seems that the FBI has co-opted them in keeping Leonard in prison.

Leonard wants to think he runs the Campaign for his freedom but, he is behind bars and dont know what is going on out here in the free world. DENNIS BANKS??/ his appointment of Carol Standing Elk, Jordan S. Dill and the whole team seems to get much clearer. THE EDGEWOOD DECLARATION FROM AUTONOMOUS CHAPTERS should be read. Nobody recoginizes Dennis Banks as the leader. except us white folks who dont know better.

Bobby doesnt have the money or equipment to operate a web page or numerous web pages like Jordan S. Dill but he has an e-mail address at If you want to get copies of the resolutions that have been passed world wide I'm sure he will share them.

Rick Ethridge/former member of the LPSG Bay Area

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