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American Indian Movement
Office of the National Field Director
Dennis J. Banks
P.O. Box 315 Newport
Kentucky 41071
Tele. 606-431-2346
Fax 606-581-9458

December 30, 1996

Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell
380 Russell Senate Building
Washingto, DC 20510

Dear Senator Campbell:

During the upcoming inauguration of President Clinton, Mike Haney, Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman, Dorothy Powless, and Ernie Stevens, Jr. will be in Washington, DC to coordinate visits with various House and Senate Offices regarding clemency for Leonard Peltier.

They will also be attending the various inaugural Balls. Mike Haney will attend the inauguration as he has received an invitation from the White House. I would appreciate any assitance your good office can provide the delegation as they visit the Senate. Haney will lead the group.

Should you have any questions regarding their visit, please feel frtee to call my office. I will be in Japan from January 5th through the 23rd, then at my home in Kentucky. Alice, my wife, will be at the office and can reach me in Japan should you need to speak with me before the 23rd.

Congratulations on your nomination and confirmation to the Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs. It has taken two hundred years for a Native person to chair Native business and affairs! Thank you, Senator, for doing a good job. You will always have my support.

Dennis J. Banks
National Field Director, AIM

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