Peltier Xmas Clemency
Tour Ends

December 30, 1996


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XMAS Clemency Tour Ends
Peltier Still In Prison
Banks, Red Crow, Litefoot, Halda, Lacapa Vow To Continue Campaign
The Peltier Xmas Clemency Campaign ended as it started - with hundreds of people signing petitions and calling for the release of imprisoned AIM member, Leonard Peltier, wrongly convicted in the shooting deaths of two government agents at Oglala, South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Reservation in 1975.

10,000 more names were collected in the 10-state, 15-city tour headlined by Red Crow Westerman, rappers Litefoot and Haida, and AIM's National Field Director Dennis Banks. Drew Lacapa, White Mountain Apache comedian, emceed the tour as local artists opened the concert shows.

The sun shown brightly in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma - cold weather in Kansas, an ice storm in Sioux City, Iowa, and cblizzard-lke conditions in Bemidji, MN failed to deter the tour or prevent hundreds of people from attending the info-tainment concerts. It was learned in Minneapolis that two FBI agents accosted AIM member Steve Hoskins as he distributed Peltier concert tour flyers in a local tavern. Displaying their badges, agents told him that they (AIM) was fighting a losing battle (in reference to efforts to obtain executive clemency for Peltier). When Hoskins went to the men's room, the agents physically attacked him. The resulting fight was halted by the management and the agents fled from angry eyewitnesses.

Calling the attack "cowardly, " Banks recalled that the same kind of action occurred at Oglala - "The FBI is the one who started that fight. " Aside from this incident, "The tour went great! " Banks said. "Thousands of young Americans heard for the first time what went down in Oglala in 1975. Many, if not all, were shocked by the Eight Circuit Court's decision and FBI actions. "

The headliners - Banks, Red Crow, Litefoot, Haida and Lacapa have all pledged to continue with the "Bring Peltier Homequot; Campaign. The 5-week Peltier Spring Tour scheduled to begin early April in Miami, will travel the eastern seaboard states. Entertainers who would donate their time and talents for all or a portion of this tour are invited to call the BPH Office (606-431-2346) for details.

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