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In the first week of August we learned that the archeological removal had been ordered stopped far short of completion. The developer/contractor ordered the archeologists off the site while graves, as well as pottery, flint and bones/fragments were still exposed. The inclement weather, construction deadlines, etc. were given as justification. The construction went ahead without anymore archeological work done; covering over the remaining graves with concrete.

On Wednesday, the 28th, Wal-Mart held a grand opening at the new store on Charlotte Pike in Nashville Tennesee. We met at 2pm in front of the store and were immediately told to leave. Albert Bender, Native Americans and Peoples Coalition, informed them the law was clear and we did not have to leave but they did prevent us from passing out anti-Wal-Mart information. While many expressed outrage, the parking lots are still packed. Several more protests have beeen held there including a candlelight vigil in union with The National Labor Committee and the People of Faith on Thursday December 11th. This vigil was done at Wal-Marts throughout the world and will continue until they stop their horrendous practices. We have learned too that Wal-Mart has a corporate strategy of selecting native sites for their super centers. We are cautiously optimistic that Lowe's may have decided to stop their horrid practices since they have not built on this site to date.

ANOTHER REASON: Email communique "Did you hear the recent news story about destitute Asians shipped over to Saipan (a U.S. Territory) to work as virtual slaves in a clothing sweatshop? And of course, one of the stores buying these slave-made clothes was Wal-Mart. Just one more reason to boycott. These people epitomize the meaning of evil."

At least 150 Native American graves were removed for this store. 62 acres of environmentally sensitive land also were destroyed and the disturbed ancestors are still in the Tennessee Department of Archeology in cardboard boxes. The state of Tennessee still refuses to return any associated artifacts with disinterred remains and so reburial of our ancestors will not be done until it can be done properly!

Subj: Native ancestry raped again!!!!!!

Dear Sirs: Enclosed is a recent letter sent to Mr. Brooks, on behalf of our native brothers and sisters. Please know that we have received no response from Mr Brooks or his representatives. This letter has already been sent out over the net and will continue to be sent as needed! We call for all brothers and sisters to support us in this boycott by not purchasing this CD and by writing to Mr Brooks and Capital Records!

Boycott Garth Brooks and Wal-Mart

"Brothers and Sisters!!!

"This is an urgent call for all Native people to unite and stand strong! I have enjoyed a pleasant relationship with Garth Brooks for many years, through many ups and downs. Undoubtedly, most will agree he makes quality music; however that relationship just came to an abrupt end.

"This morning 11/12/98 it has been broadcast on the networks that Mr. Brooks has cut a new album and is promoting that album in conjunction with Wal-Mart. He will be giving a concert at a Wal-Mart to promote that album, which will be cast via satellite to all Wal-Mart's across the country.

"As you all know, Wal-Mart is and has been repeatedly involved in the rape and pillaging of the burial sites of our ancestors in Tennessee, Delaware, Poconos, Pennsylvania, Greenfield, Mass., Maine. Just to name a few. These so far have been shut down, after much legal back and forth. Our brothers and sisters in Tennessee were forced to seek a court injunction to stop their ancestors from being thrown into dumpsters. This is unacceptable!!!!!

"I am asking you Mr. Brooks, as a long time fan and fellow human being to reconsider your decision! Mr. Brooks ... how is it you would feel if we came to unearth your ancestors in the name of $$$$$$??? I dare say you would also feel the same degree of disrespect and dishonor that you and Wal-Mart force upon the indigenous peoples of this land you say you hold sacred.

"I will no longer purchase a Garth Brooks album or attend another concert, nor will my family. How will I explain to my daughters that their favorite entertainer is a hypocrite? Talks one way walks another, eh? Family is what Garth Brooks targets...our families are being torn from their resting places. Mr. Brooks you disgrace my family by this action! You disgrace YOUR own family with this action.

"Wal-Mart claims to be the family store. This is an insult and a total degradation to the word family and all that it encompasses. What morals and family values does Wal-Mart have...that it will desecrate our families in this manner?

"I call for all Native Americans across North America and any others that wish to support this endeavor to come together in strength and unity to boycott both Garth Brooks and Wal-Mart, as well as Sam's Wholesale Club for the continued desecration of Native American Ancestry. STOP THE RAPE NOW!!!!

"As you can see Mr. Brooks, in your association with Wal-Mart, you have completely turned your back on the good people that have supported you in your musical endeavor, with all its rewards, ignorance is forgivable, but since after this letter you are no longer ignorant...it will never be forgotten. How do you wish to redeem yourself for this fiasco with Wal-Mart? My suggestion is for you to back down and not have your good name dragged into hell with theirs! As we are asking all Native American people to appear at your live performance to initiate a boycott process.

Wakan nici un, Mr Brooks. My prayer are for you. PrttyShld

Contact Garth Brooks and Wal-Mart

We received this in November but have given Mr. Brooks time to give some sort of reply which he never has. So we now ask everyone to boycott Garth Brooks and Capital Records . We would also ask you to boycott and contact people who run Wal-Mart advertising slots such as TV stations, radio stations, etc. Please join in boycotting Wal-Mart and it's supporters.

Stop This Ravage!

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