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American Indian Movement, Arizona Chapter

June, 1997

We are in a most crucial time. Indian people are finding themselves, once again, being backed against the wall by the non-Indian system and Indian people alike. The division is running rampant, even at the expense of family and blood, turning traditional against traditional.

Even though we honor, speak for, and try to live up to the lives of the great Captain Jack, Sitting Bull, Chief Joseph, Geronimo and others, we are, in fact, dishonoring them through our dissention and division. As time goes by the works and sacrifices of these great leaders slips away.

This statement is in the interest of the people.

We here, at AIM, Arizona Chapter, feel strongly in the future of our generations. We support and will stand beside those what will leave behind a legacy of accomplishments and dedication to working for the people at a grass roots level.

The beaurocracy of beautifully funded programs and buildings is only a band-aid to a much bigger wound.

AIM, Arizona will give Indian leadership the benefit of the doubt. However, if we come to realize that you are working for yourselves and not the people, or that you are aiding any other group that would work to destroy Indian people, you will not have an ally in AIM, Arizona. (We need allies, not enemies).

We consider anyone that tries to discredit or cause dissention to be a sell-out and provocateur and we will look upon them as such. We will not empower these sources.

We align ourselves with those whose works we have seen first-hand. Dennis Banks, Clyde Bellecourt, Vernon Bellecourt, Mike Haney, Mary Jane Wilson and others have all left works behind that will continue to benefit the people.

We will continue to support and align ourselves with this realm of leadership; but will not align ourselves with dissention.

We are for the people. Interpret this as you will.

AIM, Arizona Chapter

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