United States Environmental Protection Agency
Washington, D.C.

September 27, 1999


Subject: Use of the Army Flag at EPA Events

To:   Assistant Administrators
        Regional Administrators
        General Counsel
        Chief Financial Officer
        Inspectors General
        Associate Administrators
        Staff Office Directors

From: Ann E. Goode, Director

The American Indian Advisory Committee has brought to my attention their concerns about the use of U.S Army color guard units which bear battle streamers that include a streamer commemorating the Wounded Knee Creek massacre of December 29, 1890. The attached memorandum from the committee clearly states the history of this event and the concerns which some employees have about the use of the banner.

I have spoken with Colonel Joseph Schroedel of the Office of the Secretary of the Army concerning this matter. He indicated that he only recently became aware that this was a concern and has initiated an inquiry into the matter.

EPA is working to become a more culturally sensitive work environment. The advisory committee has served a very important role by educating us about a sensitive and important issue. I encourage you to keep their concerns in mind if you choose to use color guard units. One reasonable way to avoid unintentional offense would be to use guard units from the other services. I will keep you informed of Colonel Schroedel's inquiry and what, if any, impact it has on the Army's policy relative to the use of the Pine ridge streamer.

Ann Goode, Director, Office of Civil Rights

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