Before I wake you young one...they must come. The Black, the Red, the Brown and Raven riven. considerations. glances beyond this now. reflections. two legged intimations of the end creeping slowly towards us all.

were it not so bright that night I never would have noticed...him...shadow wreathed and standing tall, so quiet, dark head shrouded despite the gleaming. beside him sat the Red and the Black resting, so it seemed, as if they'd rather not be paired with such.

why here, why now, am wondering...because of the Shrine, the Knowing, that I am the Only One to see?

As you sleep I wonder of the prods that caused us each to walk a path unsought yet firmly bonded path to soul. i wonder. always. why. the wonder. yes.

I watch you sleeper and them all. watched. they are. their walks their talks inclined.

And so the blue child dances mid her ravens black wrapped wings of sheen on ice now thin then thick and always pain surrounds...a blue child lost child quiet of smile she too will sit mid those whove come to watch your breath.

we wake you sleeper now to join the midst of guardians and the chosen few...and what will be...oh yes...will be.

This photograph is the property of Tatiana Parcero.