Morning...still here? Determined I suppose to wrest and wriggle this stuff into some coherence? Make some sense? Do you really think anyone will give a shit about the what of me? The what of you thinking about the what of me? You know, my friend, I really wonder about the motive in all this...to seek me out so. You know? Am I supposed to trust that?

Well...doesn't really matter I suppose. There is nothing you can take from me cause I don't have anything to give. But you do want something, that's for sure...or you wouldn't be here.

See, we all have many faces. All of us. Mostly I have been afraid to show mine. Afraid because I am afraid of being honest. Any idea the burden that puts upon the world? But, then again, if anyone professes to want to come close and you are then honest and they bolt...who's the loser? Huh?

Take love...professed love. A person says they love you. Says they want you to be honest. But then they say why am I not making a greater impact in your life. Why do I not cause the Light to shine...why am I NOT helping? Then they say that BECAUSE these things are not happening perhaps the love they profess is no good...well, when it comes to that I say who gives a shit. One either loves or not. Take it or leave it. Don't worry about the resultant effects...these will happen in their own time...if they are to happen at all.

she said she hasnt touched that i still despair but i say yes and no to that for ive never found a better lover than despair and loneliness so sad? think not but as to touching oh yes i have been touched by breasts and smiles and tender holdings couched in care oh yes but these can never displace or push away the cross i freely chose to carry my choice that is and if i do so why bother worrying about a correction why not take me as i am some good must be in that is not your life so full of nooks and crannies better yet to fine tune that than worry about such as me am thinking better to smile for what there is than what is not this the point of touching am thinking yes...

you see we all have chosen paths some not thinking but also some have chosen with a care just as honorable as any priest or god am thinking so who are you to choose what should be or what should not built purely on your desires am thinking we both know the answer to that and so too did the snake that bit and answered as to why he bit replying because i am a snake and you knew that now so what...

What's important anyway? Have you any idea? God and Country. Mother and Father. Wife and Daughter...blah, blah, blah. There is only one thing important and that is me. In my case...in your case it would be you...we are as Gods. we are the World. We are magnets that when healthy will attract some fellows...some like us. We are Issues of Consequence.

I am visited at night...they stand around me in a circle. When I drive they line the road...the Elders. The Other. The Red. The Black. They guard me. Talk to me. Tell me things. They do...And, I know that this is why you come to me...because of this...because you have heard the whispers...seen the flashes of majik...yes? You climbed the mountain and came seeking...this is a dumb thing to do because I will give you nothing...nothing. You can not take from me...rather, you must take from yourself...must feed yourself and, if all goes well...they will come to circle you.

You say no? Perhaps this is true...perhaps you can't see? Don't wish to see? Don't wish to pay the price? Ah, yes, the price. Perhaps we should talk of that? Yes...perhaps we should.