So here we are...first off this whole operation is part of a larger this point there are three, previously established components:
In what order should these be encountered? Well, I suppose I'd say...first, the Untitled, thence Tears, thence Grasshopper. That will give you some foundation as to what follows...which, at this point in cybertime is not titled...not Untitled, just not titled.

What I am trying to do is fabricate a form, a skeleton a la a dressmakers form, on which I can then drape the Untitled, Tears, and, finally Grasshopper...since Untitled and Grasshopper might I phrase this, "esoteric?"...they need some sort of vehicle which, hopefully, will make them more amenable to the general reader. This may, of course, not be possible...I really don't know. However, I am operating under the assumption that it IS possible... more thing...this is not a happy place.

This photograph is the property of Tatiana Parcero