An e-mail campaign has been initiated so as to force the rescindment of the twenty "medals of dis-Honor" awarded for the Massacre at Wounded Knee.

Below are some of the comments received as of 9.22.97. Specifics have been forwarded to Senator John McCain, (at one time) Chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs. The Senator responded saying that he felt it wasn't necessary to rescind the medals.

As of 9.22.97 there have been 1,274 signature/comment responses to this petition...all will be forwarded to the new Chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, Ben Nighthorse Campbell. I have made no corrections to the comments received:

On December 29, 1890 over 260 Lakota civilians were murdered near Wounded Knee Creek South Dakota, by members of the United States Army. Twenty of these soldiers were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. I have spent almost ten years researching the events leading up to this massacre, and its aftermath. Many people consider me a leading authority onthese medals. I can state unequivocally these awards were not deserved, even by the standards in place at that time. All the evidence points to an attempted cover-up by the Army, assisted by other branches of the Federal government. There could be no doubt in the mind of any reasonable person to whom the fact are known, that these medals were not deserved.
To have such and honor bestowed on these murderers for killing women and children causes Indian people to doubt the sincerity of every thing the government does. The alienation felt by Native peoples of this country can never be alleviated until these medals are rescinded. At some point we must begin the healing process.
To white Americans who are aware of the situation these medals represent what is worst in our society. As a veteran of our fiasco in South-East Asia in the 1960s I knew a great many men who were much more deserving of honor than the twenty at Wounded Knee. The lucky ones escaped with their lives, and not much more. To me and these men the Congressional Medals of Honor awarded for Wounded Knee represent a slap in the face. Our country dis-honors itself with these awards.
I realize rescinding these twenty medals could open a political Pandoras box. Others may come forward and question the validity of other awards. Wounded Knee was not a battle where two armed groups of fighting men opposed each other. It was well armed United States Army troops opening fire on a group of unresisting, unarmed civilians whose only crime was the practice of religion. Therefore, the medals can be rescinded without much controversy. I would welcome the opportunity to come to Washington to discuss this matter with you, or to testify before your committee. I have over six file cabinet drawers full of material on this subject and will gladly share my knowledge with you or your staff.
The media is ablaze with outrage over the mass graves in Bosnia - what of Ours?
I am a veteran, son of a veteran who was decorated for service in WW2 and Korea. To leave the medals in place brings dis-honor to them and to all those who rightly deserve them.
It seems like a sick joke to award medals based on "gallantry" and "extraordinary merit" to those involved in the shameful Massacre at Wounded Knee.
Please correct the mistake the government made in the past. Don't let it be said that you made the same mistake. Rescind the medals after all the troops fired on a group that was flying the U.S. flag and executed the bearer. It was a mistake that ever happened, what ever happened to freedom of religion.
There is no honor in the massacre unarmed civilians. The implication that there is, by awarding "medals of honor" to those who do so, is offensive to me, and should be offensive to every American citizen.
I have been to this place. In June 1990 I walked the land. It was a warm June day and my husband and I parked our car by the cemetary. We were the only ones there. It was very quiet except for the wind, and yet on that wind I heard the cries of the people murdred there . To me they spoke not of revenge but of justice. We stayed in Custer State Park at Legion Lake . To me it is blasphemy to name a Park after a butcher especially in the heart of Paha Sapa. And If I could get it away with it I would blow Mt Rushmore to bits. It has no place in the Black Hills either. That is scared land.
I do believe that those Medals should be rescinded for what honor is there in the killing of women and children and elders who's only wish was to dance away evil.
It was a disgrace when it was done, that can't be changed, but to continue the disgrace can be changed!
The only honor the goverment has left is to rescind these medals of dishonor, and admit that the U.S. Goverment's only intent was to wipe out every true AMERICAN for the only intent of greed of not owning every inch of land. Hilter's actions where trivial compared to what you have done to the real Americans, and I hope you will rescind. It still does not make what you did right, but at least acknowledge that what you was very very wrong!!!
I certainly hope today's government will recognize the absurdity of these medals and rescind them without further delay.
If the commanding general was convinced that it was a massacre, how can anyone remain unconvinced? Everyone who has been awarded a medal in this country is dishonored by the medals awarded for the massacre at Wounded Knee not having been rescinded.
I believe it is a disgrace to award medals of honor for killing women, children & unarmed old men.
I think this is great...I support the rescission (?) of Medals of Honor that were given to the murderers who committed this massacre.
To at least try and correct past wrongs done by our Government is the very least that we as American people can do. This would be any important step in showing the Native Americans that we are willing to acknowledge the sins of our forefathers and do our best to correct them. Show the world that we are not as cruel and uncivilized as our history suggests.
As a Veteran of the United States Army, I resent the fact that Medals of Honor were bestowed upon so called "soldiers" who were responsible for the slaughter of women and children at Wounded Knee. There is a stain upon the honor of the United States Army and upon the heart of America. You can participate in the process of healing, by acknowledging the mistakes of the past and correcting them today.
I have once read about the wounded knee massacre, but the white man's history has not mentioned that the lakota men disarmed BEFORE the massacre began ! my personal opinion is that no us-soldier can proudly wear a medal of honour as long the MURDERS of wounded knee, soldiers who have commited a GENOCIDE still hold this award. until these MURDERS are deprived of the award, the name of this award will be medal of DIShonor to me.
To award medals at a massacre is disgraceful! I am ashamed to be a part of such a system. I served 20 years in the military, including 6 tours of duty in Viet Nam, and I am appalled at such a travesty. The only way honor can be restored to those that have served this nation, is to recall the Medals of disHonor that were awarded for massacring over 350 unarmed men women and children.
Medals are proof of courageous and heroic moments in battle. I do not concider a massacre a battle.It is time for the government to do more than just appologize. Please invalidate the medals and update all history books about this matter. I have heard children at my children's government elementary school tell me that they do not believe the "Indian" ever even really existed. After all, there is only one page (in a 6th grade history book) in reference to the Native American. It shows a picture of two men on horseback sitting on a ridge. That's it. Since there are plenty of pages dedicated to the mistreatment of African slaves, how much more should history be dedicated to this "Land of the Native's Pride"? Thank you.
I am in total agreement the medals should be rescended. There is no honor in killing over 300 poor defenseless men, women and children. The Wounded Knee Massacre is indeed a black mark in American history that the United States army is totally responsible for and the United States owes the Sioux Nation restitution for this terrible tragedy. The Native American people have suffered enough for crimes committed by the US military and it is high time the United States starts the healing process between us and the people of Native American heritage.
Our country continually turns a blind eye to its own acts of genocide, both past and present, while activly embracing and promoting the cause other oppressed peoples (Bosnian Serbs, the Kurds Jews, Black South African, etc.). One does not have to be Native American to appreciate this kind of hypocrisy on our country's part. I am African-American and as the descendant of both slaves and Native Americans, I know all too well the history of selective memory by our government
When I see movies or read books telling stories of how the American Indians were betrayed time and time again I cry, and for a time after the movie or the book I feel sick at the thought of being a member of this society. A society that declares FREEDOM. A society that upholds a constitution that allowed the destruction of a people lost forever.
I am supporting this because of the killing of my brothers and sisters of 100 years + ago. They Are Lakota. I am an Arapaho. THEY are my people, all Native Americans are family.Yes I can see that is in the past but we need to recgonize them and let all of their names again stand tall and proud. Because we ARE a people of pride.give us this at least, for we cannot bring them back. Let their spirits have rest. thank you
An American outrage that must be righted. Besides, the standards/controls for the awarding of the CMO in the 1890's was often suspect
"The granting of these medals for a slaughter of non-combatants unworthy of brute beasts is an outrage to several kinds of conscience: to anyone aware of our country's past dealings with American Indian peoples; to anyone who shares the explicit Christian profession of many of the speeches, editorials, and other expressions that contributed to the climate around the massacre, and that condoned it after the fact; and to anyone who would hallow the memory of genuine Medal of Honor recipients and who has lived a sheltered and privileged life because of the sacrifices of others. On this last ground alone, anyone who would defend the valor connoted by the Medal of Honor should want the record of the Wounded Knee Massacre removed as far as possible from any connection with the revered ranks of those who wore the Medal of Honor.
Anyone who winces at accounts of modern atrocities on the evening news should want to execrate the memory of this atrocity; so should anyone who reflected at all on yesterday's international commemoration of the victims of the Nazi Holocaust. Who of us, when we saw photographs of GIs staring shocked at the abandoned camps, did not instantly identify with the liberators and turn with repugnance from the industry of death before them? How were the butchers of Wounded Knee better than the butchers of Lyons and of so many other places?
I urge you and your colleagues, in the spirit of General Nelson Miles, to do all in your power to condemn and to reverse this injustice to American Indian peoples and this indignity to our nation.
I ask where was the honor in the killing women and children who were weak with hunger? Where was the honor in the killing of what were civilians? Why do we not honor Lt.William Calley? The ones honored with these medals are no better than he.
Why do my Indian people have to face continued insult in this matter so many years after this hideous incident?
What is there to gain by continued punishment of our people through such psychological warfare as the refusal to rescind the issuance of these medals?
It is bad enough that so many of us have been left with no knowledge of our heritage and that information of our grandparent's identity continues to be witheld with the excuse of privacy.The laws of privacy have been twisted to serve the government and not the people.It is the same as it always has been. When Indian people are involved the law meant to protect the people is applied in a manner which serves only to spare the government embarrassment.As with the many broken treaties so it is with those who were stolen from the bossom of their tribes. Why has the citizen's right to privacy become the government's excuse for secrecy?
As an Honorably Discharged Disabled American Veteran, I find it extremely objectionable that the aforementioned "Medals of Honor" were given to the Soldiers of the Battle of Wounded Knee. The Battle of Wounded Knee was a massacre not a battle - there was nothing honorable whatsoever about it, and the Medals should be recinded.
As a former Marine with two tours in Vietnam, and a former CG Officer with a tour in Desert Storm, I am deeply offended to see that Medals of Honor were handed out just as casually as are the USAF's Basic Training Badges in that all you had to do was show up and have someone remember your name. The recepients of the 1890 Medals of Honor did not display heroics, more like cowardance. The U. S. of A. and the Army should be deeply ashamed.
Why correct history (and historic actions such as the Medals of Honor awarded to individuals associated with the Wounded Knee Massacre)? History provides a context and a proving ground for the moral committments of today (and for the future).
Shameful actions of other governments during times of war, such as that noted of the Japanese against other Asian peoples during WWII, have been declared as acts that are in violation of the essential dignity of humankind. In order to begin the process for healing fundamental dislocations of both Indian people and those who have waged genocidal war against them, this action must be supported--these medals of dis-honor must be rescinded.
It's time this country Stops rewarding the murders and start Rewarding the true heros. The ones who stand strong in the face of adversity and NEVER give up THEIR dignity and honor. They are the true heros!
I most certainly agree these medals were given for cowardly acts of aggression against a helpless people and that brings no honour to anyone. The truth should be told and these medals done away with. The honorable thing to do. There are still a lot of people of all nations who know and hold dear what is true. Admitting wrong and doing something to make it right can bring forth forgiveness and reconciliation. UNITY. Aloha.
Having just visited the Wounded Knee Massacre sight for the first time, I am still overwhelmed by the tragedy that happened there, and throughout the US. I am glad to see there is a move to dis-honor those that were involved in the murders. I am constantly shocked at how people in our country can see and condemn genocide that has (and is) happening in other parts of the world, but don't recognize that it already has and is still happening to the Native Americans right in our own back yard.
Having learned that the soldiers responsible for the Wounded Knee Masacre received medals of honor, I was shocked, what they should have received was a guilty verdict of 1st degree murder, the death penalty or at minimum, life in prisonment and the United States Government should make reparations.

The Native peoples of this land must never forget or forgive the past 500+ of genocide. We survive, languages and cultures survive. The dominant white society wants to forget; we must not let them! The real history of this land must be taught in the schools, so that all people may know the real truth of the history of the United States. Even now Indian people still strugle for basis civil rights. We must never forget the past.

As a Cherokee Indian and a former Officer in the U.S. Army, I strongly urge that the Congress of the United States, do the right thing for the right reasons. It is not to remove the medals for the medals sake, but it is to acknowledge a horrible disgrace upon the honor of all people who have worn the military uniform of any country. When this level of disgrace is allowed to continue it places a stain on all American Indians, upon on all non-Indians, and a special stain upon all American Indians who have served in the military forces of the United States during war time and peace. Sincerely, Richard Rose ("Weyo-usdi" Cherokee) (former Captain, U.S. Army)
When I lived in Nebraska, I had the opportunity to visit the Wounded Knee site (back in '86). Nothing moreso overshadows the dark side of "American" history than what happened to the Native American's at Sand Creek, Washita, and especially Wounded Knee. This is no longer 1891.
I know this petition will be ignored, just as all attempts to secure even the smallest measure of justice for "the people" have always been ignored. WE need more courageous people in government. People who have the courage to act on what they know in their hearts is right. People who do not value their popularity and positions more than they value morality, justice, and true kindness. However, we must do the right thing, before we can demand of others. HONOR? It seems that very few people understand the real meaning of the word. If they did, there would be no need for this petition. I consider it an honor to be able to add my voice to the few who are asking only justice from the from the many.
I am a Native American woman who has worked as an educator all of my professional life. I support this effort to rescind the metal of dis-honors awarded for participants at Wounded Knee
The reprehensible action of awarding Congressional Medals of Honor for the massacre at Cankpe Opi Wakpala has forever tarnished the reputation and integrity of the United States military, as well as that of the medals. Rescinding these Medals of dis-Honor would, at least in part, ameliorate the blight on the record of the American armed forces. I say this as a member of a traditionally military family. I say this as one who is proud, despite the blemishes, to be a part of America, and to support the military. I say this as a patriot. Return the honor of our military.
Many in my family had the honor to serve in the armed forces of the United States. I was not allowed to serve due to a physical limitation, and was threatened with imprisonment for my continued efforts to serve in Vietnam. I now have the privilage to work with, and learn from, Native Americans. I am familiar with the accounts and records of the Wounded Knee action, and find nothing there worthy of the Medal of Honor. If we give medals for this type of action, why did we not give one to Lt. Calley for the Mi Li massacure?
Give out medals of honor for Wounded Knee 1890? I don't think so. Give out medals of honor for MeiLai? Oh how brave to kill children! How brave to kill unarmed people! There is no honor ever in this! The people just wanted to be left alone. After Tatanka Iyotake was murdered, no one wanted to stick around to be next. I tell you, I'd sure leave in a hurry to protect my family! I'd take everyone I could possibly get moving! But the army didn't like the fact that the people would rather take a chance freezing in a fast run for freedom rather then stick around & watch the solders pick off relatives one at a time. The army didn't want to leave people be, so the army, under the auspices of the United States Government, brought death to the people who just wanted to live. Rescind the 'medals of honor' they are medals of dis-honor
The Congressional Medal of Honor remains tarnished so long as the US Army coverup of the Wounded Knee massacre is continued. It is an honorable deed to acknowledge the massacre by rescinding the medals. I urge you to be honorable.
We cannot ignore the past, if we do, it will all happen again, and the mistreatment of American Indians is definently still happening. An educated public just might mess up re-election... DRAT!!
The medals of honor awarded as a result of the Massacre at Wounded Knee, bring the worst type of dis-honor to the people and government of the United States of America. Would you go back now and award the Medal of Honor to Calley for what he did in Viet Nam ? To give the Nations highest award to the "Calleys" of the Knee Masssacre is an insult and outrage to each and everyone of us that has served in the Armed Forces of the United States of USA. I thank you for your time and consideration.
I support First Nations rescindment of the twenty Medals of dis-Honor awarded for actions contributing to the Massacre at Wounded Knee on December 29, 1890. Your immediate attention to this matter will be greatly appreciated.
I am writing a novel in which the main character is a part of the Aim Movement of the 70's. Have discovered in my research such atrocities it makes me cry. I have two questions I would greatly appreciate someone answering. On the fifth annual commemoration ride, how many riders and how long did it take? Is Leonard Peltier still in Leavenworth and is he treated with respect?
It is about time that The government of the "land of the free and the home of the brave", admit to their hypocracy and insincerity in dealing with their native peoples. The long and shameful history of the "conquest" and destruction of the natives of North America (particularly, the USA) is plain for all who care to see. One can never say enough, or compensate enough, or cry enough tears to wash away all the innocent blood shed. Never. The medals are stained with blood.
I am a career soldier in the US Army and a person very interested in history. The Medal of Honor is sacred to us in the service. It should only be awarded for valor above and beyond. What happened at Wounded Knee brings no valor, only disgrace. Take back those medals awarded to men that were given the command to murder women and children. They showed no valor and their acts of butchery bring only disgrace to the sorry record of the U.S. governments relations with the Native American tribes.
I am for anything that is for the rights of the native american.I am not native american myself but I believe all humans were created equal. Do we not all bleed the same color of blood? Why is it then that native americans or any other culture is looked down upon by this country.My girlfriend is white mountain apache and has open my eyes to a lot of injustice the native americans have to deal with and it makes me sick to my stomach.So this is why I believe in anything that favors cultures who are "trod" upon by this "great country"
Even though there are many white who say, rightfully, "I did not do this, and I would never harm anyone" it is about time that we try to formally apologize for the atrocities committed upon our native relatives in the human race.
Your office speaks reguarly about the great good it has done for the American People. Does this include our Native Americans' too. It is time to rescind the Medals of honor awarded to the 7th Calvary for their part in the Masacare at Wounded Knee. As long as they are still being honored by the government, there is the shame and disgrace of it, for all of us to bear.
Honor? Do you know the meaning of the word? The soldiers responsible for the MURDER of the unarmed people at Wounded Knee should never have received Medals of Honor. AND YOU KNOW IT!! So for once, have some balls and ADMIT the evil of America and rescind the Medals.
I fully support this petition and what it stands for. As a personal statement of support for Native Americans, I would like to say that all branches of government of this country, and all non-Native American people (including myself) are long overdue in acknowledging and proclaiming that this land was STOLEN from the rightful inhabitants.

It is time to ask for forgiveness from the TRUE AMERICANS for the wrongs of our ancestors. It is time to truly "go above and beyond the call of duty" by doing whatever is necessary to save these people and their culture, and restore them to a place of deserved honor. It is our duty to provide not only restitution but to also honor and adhere to treaties and agreements made with Native Americans.

It is time to admit that not only was the savagery and brutality of our ancestors wrong, it is also time to set the history records about who the real savages were, who the thieves were, and who the murderers were; Our ancestors, not the Native Americans. In other words it it time to tell the truth and end the propogation of lies and untruths. While we cannot change the past, we can do what is right for the future of not only Native Americans but for all Americans.

Surely to God, america has come farther then this! As our technology seems to surpass our compassion on in so meny areas, so does mankinds egotism seem to surpass fairness. History books need to be set striaght. What is right should be put above ''awards''. Should we give awards to some of Hitlers men? Should awards go to murderers as well? I think not. America, show your compassion! Show that you do indeed bleed, as we, the Native American Bleeds! Open your eyes, see the truth.
please look at this in a reasonable manner these medals must be recinded it is horrible to honor someone for killing people who were trying to live the life they had lived for thousands of years if you feel that the medals are just and given properly then you must go ahead and give medal to hitlers soldiers who worked at the concentration camps as well
As a 26 year Air Force veteran I hold the Medal of Honor in high esteem. I also understand what the medal stands for and what it takes to be an honored recepient. However the acts of these men in one of our nations most shameful military campaigns reflects great discredit upon all medal of honor winners and on all the good men and women who have served this country.
The Medals of Honor awarded for the Wounded Knee Massacre is a disgrace to those fighting men who truly risked their lives in "armed" combat. Please review the information about this battle and the appropriateness of awarding these medals. I was active duty in the U.S. Air Force. I flew C-141s. I received an honorable discharge. I am part Choctaw indian. I found this out from my mother after I had been in the air force for 6 years. I will FOREVER be disgraced by the way our government treated the indians when they came to the indians land! I think that removing the "medals" given the soldiers for Wounded Knee is necessary and would go a long way towards righting the wrongs done by our government to us indians. We were here before any whites were! We pay taxes for affirmitive action which as I can see, only helps the blacks (afro-americans)! I think it is WAY past time for the government to do something for the Inians!
Please rescind the cruelty suffered by the familes who are now gone forever. Show the past we have awakened to the reality we have hidden so well. Let our children learn from this deed, that we are trying to remedy a wrongful and unjustified action that does not represent what we value as "Americans".
I cry when I think of how the US government has treated the original inhabitants of the American continent. However, it does not surprize me because you are all originally Englishmen or worse. I can never understand how you can act the way you do and how you can live with such a loss of respect for life, human or otherwise. I can only pray that someday you will change and start to value the culture and lives of the people you should thank. If someone like me who lives on the other side of the world can see that the Native Americans for centuries has had the wisdom we always have been searching for, I don't understand why you shouldn't be able to.
Let us remember the brave, and the valor of true warriors. Let's not award those, who because of political pressure have been honor with our Country's highest award. This only takes away from those individuals who truly earned the highest award in the service of our Country.
It is unbelievable to me as a US Citizen that these medals continue to stand as medals of "honor." The killing of pregnant women, nursing mothers, and Native children by "our" infantry is an outrage. No moral person of character can stand behind the granting of these medals. The US should rescind these medals at once.
I am an Army Infantry veteran of the Korean War. I am distressed that the Medal of Honor is reduced in meaning because U.S. Army veterans were awarded this medal for dishonorable slaughter of unarmed men, women and children at Wounded Knee, SD. For God's sake, get these dis-honorable medals cancelled at once.
It was a massacre of innocent people. It was a national shame that the US Army massacred children and old people and very few warriors at Wounded Knee over a hundred years age. It is still a disgrace that the US government would award a medal for bravery to men who slaughtered women and children. It puts shame on our country. And the disgrace of it all is that the government doesn't even realize what a dishonorable thing they did. May we become more human someday.
Once again, I plead with the government and the President to rescind the medals awarded to those who participated in the Massacre at Wounded Knee. Return honor and respect to this nations highest medal by removing it from those who "won" theirs by a dishonorable act of murder of women, children, and elderly.
It is time to put a stop to the genocide this country is STILL commiting against Native Americans. The continuing theft of Native lands throughout the US, Alaska and Hawaii needs to stop. It is only the dominant cultures insatiable greed that keeps up the attack for the benefit of corporations who answer to no one. Let this act of rescinding the Medals of dis-Honor be the clarian call to end the madness and start us on the path of living in harmanony with each other and the earth.
Dear Sir, This is a absolute disgrace, as a former marine and a vietnam veteran, who was decorated with a silver star in 1968. I know what medals stand for and this isn't it. I am also Anna Mae Pictou- Aquash's cousin, her mother was my great aunt, so I am well aware of the problems that have happened and I ask they be resolved.
No amount of lies (He who wins the war writes the History) can begin to repay my ancestors for their pain, their betrayal, their loss and humiliation over the last 500 years. No money can buy back our pride, our families, our present and our future. What has been done can not be undone! But an apology can and should be made, to show the "Good Faith" of a government for the people it purports to represent. Correct this injustice, take back these medals of dis-honer. It is only a start at reparations for this approved form of genocide. Do for us what you would want done for you. Mitakuye Oyasin I served this country in Viet Nam. My country dishonored me by allowing 20 years to go by before showing support for me or my peers in that war. I felt shame for a long time for my role in that war. My country honored the draftdodgers and those who openly opposed the war. This country has, for a long time, had a skewed method of doing things. For example, telling other countrys how to do things but doing exactly the opposite in this country.

The shameful deeds the Government of this country has been involved in are too numerous to name here. But when I say in the past, I don't necessarily mean in the 1800s, I mean as recently as 1996. The U.S. Govt. and top politicians have been involved in the theft of Indian oil, coal, land, water rights and more. Oh they think the people are so stupid. We know. We want things to be put right. Give back what is rightfully owed. Give back what has been stolen. Give back the honor and dignity wrested from an honorable people. In doing so, the Govt. of the U.S. will regain some of the honorable lost through all of the murdering and thievery It has been involved with. If the Govt. can do those things then I also will regain some of my pride in this country that let me down for so many years. How can the Govt. ever expect anyone to fight for a country that is so steeped in double dealing, skullduggery?

President Clinton..if you really want to look good to the rest of the world...LET LEONARD PELTIER GO!!! That is one of the greatest injustices done in a long time. Let him go...and rescind those medals of DISHONOR given to murderers.

I ask you to please not continue the ego of individual or government as to not being wrong at this massacre. There will never be peace on this earth as long as this continues. I am a white person who has spent much time with the Lakota people. They have and continue to be wronged by our government. Everyone knows the truth about Wounded Knee. There is nothing more to hide. Please bring faith, trust and honor back to our government and rescind these medals. Whatever the new policy is in regard to this medal has nothing to do with what happened 100 years ago. Please do the thing that will bring honor to what our government is supposed to stand for.
My heart weighs heavy with sorrowfull grief and my eyes well up with tears as my head hangs low, with shame for the sinceless massacre of innocent human life committed by my government. I found it hard to read the words I found here. I am only one white woman, but my heart goes out to the families who have had to live with this all these years.
As a black person in this racist country, I can relate to your anger and frustrations over the treatment Native Americans have received from a majority of the people who invaded and conquored your country and who refuse to this day to recognize and admit the injustices, murder, rape, thievery of lands, destruction of the Indian Culture and other heinous crimes. I wish you the best of luck in pressuring the government to recind the Medals of Dis - Honor.
I am the Great Granddaughter of Gustav Pecaut, one of the first settlers of Sioux City, Iowa,where I was born and raised. I have tremendous guilt over what the true savages, all the incoming settlers (Europeans) did to these loving tribes. And who remains at the bottom of this Totem Pole today? I financially support Sinte Gleska University, St. Joseph's Indian School,The Southwest Indian Foundation and St. Labre Indian School.........also am a registered member of the Native American Heritage Association. What have you done?? All the United States has done is to destroy these earth-loving true natives. Retribution is long overdue. They also need to have the Black Hills back, among many other lands that are rightly theirs. We could have learned so much from these Native Americans, instead we destroyed them and continue to do do. My Great Grandfather was a fur trader with the Sioux (Lakota). I only hope he was a fair and just man.
My brothers, i am glad to join with you in this worthwhile effort-there can never be enough done to avenge the wounds of the innocent who were brutally slain by cowards who clearly followed no priciples of law or the military code-these were non-combatants that were murdered and when we justify the shooting of women and children we are all shamed-As 1/16th Cherokee I was appalled and am still by the trail of tears and what we do to our brothers and sisters-whatever i can do to assist you i would like to do -this is a wrong that should be righted so the souls of those slain may be properly at peace
I grew up in South Dakota and was always aware of the underlying predudice against Native Americans. I really feel that these medals have to be resinded, not only becuase they were awarded to cowards who slaughtered innocent people, but because a message needs to be sent that this was wrong. The families of the soldiers need to face the realities of what their family members did. This must be faced as part of our past, as horrible as it is to admit. Only then can healing begin to happen, only then have we truly learned from the mistakes of the past.
Healing can only begin after the admission of the sickness. Rescinding the medals may be seen as unimportant with the myriad of problems that plague our country today, but cleaning the wreckage of the past allows us to heal in the present.
I agree with everything completely
Where is the honor in the killing of women and childern under a flag of truce? It does not matter who fired the first shot or the last shot, the end results are the same. If this what my country calls HONOR, I feel sorry for our forefathers who fought so hard and died with honor to make this country one with "HONOR".
Would you give Hitler a Medal? Or Stalin? What about Mao? Call them like you see them. If you don't see this as wrong, then your not looking hard enough,
Why is this still an issue? Is it not past time to acknowledge error and move on so real healing can begin?
I humbly submit my name to be included in the petition to rescind the Medals of Honor, as they pertain to the Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890.
How many of you have been to the Knee and heard the women and childern crying and the gunshots. I have and I asked myself why they still do? The answer is simple-they don't want to be forgotten. How can you then not rescind these medals of sis-honor?
Good luck on the rescindment. I probably don`t have a vote,but I am with you in my heart. I am a band member of the Mohawks of Kanesatake who were attacked by the Surete Quebec police in 1991 because we would not allow the village of Oka to expand the golf course into our sacred pines. None of our people were killed, but who knows what will happen next time.
These medals of dis-honor are horrific. To honor the killers of infants, children, nursing women, elders and unarmed men, is a crime that the Grandfathers will surely repay in the next life. These medals must be rescinded.
Go for it
I am a student at Rialto High school. I found this site by way of a project I am doing to create a public service announcement of sorts about Wounded Knee. I am only a very small part Indian, and am no part Sioux, however as I have learned beyond the knowledge i already had about Wounded Knee I could not help but only become more shocked. I had no idea that American soldiers could receive medals for such actions regardless of the situation. This was very similar to the Mai-Lai massacre in Vietnam, and those men were punished for their actions. Is it only the unpopular wars in which the American Government can take a stand on unethical issues. Many unarmed people died. These soldiers had no opportunity to act with more valor than any other.
The first steps of redemption for the unforgivable must be to displace the symbols of pride awarded for the act of barbarism. America stands on the historical brink of drowning in the sea of injustice it has itself allowed to swamp the vessle ment to traverse the waters of injustice. Please consider that this plea is not made on behalf of only the unfortunate victoms of Wounded Knee, but for the redemption of America and the soul of humanity.
The rescinding to these medals could start the healing process that is deserved and needed by all Native Americans. It is time for we as "white Americans" own up to the mistakes of our ancestors and humbly plead forgiveness for their actions. Only then can we truly become brothers of all people. The true meaning of man is to be able to admit his mistakes and learn
It is never too late to recognize and correct mistakes of the past. To bestow this nations highest honor on the cold-blooded killers of defenseless men, women and children is a disgrace to the nation, and only serves as a distortion of the true history,disgraceful as it may be, of this country's dishonorable treatment of Native Americans. Recision of these medals would help in the long overdue healing process, and would personally afford me some small degree of piece-of-mind. Americans would all like to feel pride in their nation's leaders. Pride and respect must be earned with courageous acts. This rescision would be one such act.
My eyes were wet while reading, I support you with the whole of my heart.
The massacre of the Lakota people at Wounded Knee is a disgrace which will never be forgotten ... and rightly so. It's as horrible as the Oklahoma City federal building bombing. The pain of the Lakota cannot be erased, but the rescinding of the Medals of Honor
Am becoming so frustrated and upset at the direction the Country is taking. Sixty-four years of insidious incremental Socialism has devastated our moral and economic heritage. We have become enslaved to the D.C. thugs and the international financial community. There's no way out of this mess. Those in the "know" can only live their lives according to the principles of self-responsibility and pass on those values to their siblings. Peter
Why should people be given medals of" HONOR " for committing MURDER? What is wrong with this world and the society within? I am ashamed!!!
Although I have little money I am a writing major and would be willing to help in any way possible. Jay Ferguson
By not issuing a rescindment of the twenty-seven "Medals of Honor" that were given for the acts that resulted in the killing or wounding of 300 innocent persons during the incident occuring at Wounded Knee, our nation is only promoting the actions taken by the U.S. soldiers at that unfortunate event. Not only is it a disgrace to our country to not offer a rescission of these twenty-seven medals, but also to those recipients of the "Medal of Honor" for which their lives were RISKED for a worthy cause, and not for the massace of hundreds of unarmed and innocent people.
Dios mio!! The medals should've NEVER been "awarded" in the first place! Why does it hurt the government so much to correct what should have NEVER happened; with this and SO MANY OTHER HORRIBLE, outright and BLATANT CRIMES?!!!!!!!! How do we get them corrected; their EARS aren't listening!
I agree, that the medals "awarded" to the troops at Wounded Knee is just a bunch of hull...
These 27 "soldiers" do not deserve these medals!! If your families were cut down wrongly as these people were, you would not want medals handed out to applaud what they had done.
Honor the deserving medal winners, by stripping those who shot unarmed women and children in cold blood. Do not do this proud nation the disservice of pretending that the Wounded Knee Massacre was an honorable campaign. It was a slaughter of innocents, and to claim it was anything other than that would be to lie to the American people and the world, in the face of the truth.
The so called battle at Wounded Knee,was not a battle at all but a brutal slauter of Sioux indians in retaliation for the battle of little big horn.How can we as a people honor soldiers,who killed innocent women and children,with the only goal of revenge for Custers biggest goof.
After reading several articles about this massacre I strongly feel that the U.S. Army and the U.S. Government should rescind the medals given to solders who took place in the this massacre. I compare it the the Mae Li massacre which took place in the Vietnam war. The officers and solders of the 7th Calvary should also have been court marshaled for their part at Wounded Knee.
This website, and saga causes me great sadness.
To condone an act which blatantly confirmed the genocide inflicted upon the Aborigional Peoples, by the White Man, is to dig one's own grave deeper and darker than hell itself.
It is imperative that these medals be rescinded; for the sake of the Native Americans who lost their lives and for the generations yet to come.
My daughter, Isabel Kalin, also signs the petition.
All I can say is you should all be ashamed to award people for killing of any kind let alone people like these quiet and very compassionate land dwellers
I'm a teacher and have recently taught about the Wounded knee massacre. After teaching about this event my classes and I have agree that the medals should be removed.
What a great nation we are to honor murderers and theives above those who honor "truth, justice, and the American way".
Today mass murder and genocide have become accepted as almost inevitable features of 'modern' conflict. Acquiescence is dangerous, but the honouring of those responsible is both morally wrong and has the most terrible implications for the future of us all.
I wept at wounded knee when I saw a sign referring to the massacre as "the battle of Wounded Knee". The Amerindian people must be given compensation reparation and self government and all treaties should be reviewed no matter how old so that justice may be restored in thius sacred land.
I am a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant who bears shame for my all forebears' misdeeds against the original keepers of this land I now inhabit. It is not too much to ask that my government rescind the honors bestowed by it upon the mass murderers of hundreds of human beings. The withdrawl of the Medals of Honor given for the Wounded Knee action would help in healing the wounds inflicted by my ancestors on those brave and noble people who were forced to bear arms against intruders that would destroy their homelands,their families, and their way of life. Rick Bates
Killing innocent people is not bravery it is murder, even under the auspices of military conflict.
Why? It is sad that we have glorified the murder of many unarmed women and children which occurred in such a graphic and "savage" manner. After recently visiting this site, my hope is that the US government can correct this gross error in interpretation of human valor by revoking these medals of (dis) honor.
Sir ; To rescind the aforesaid Medals is small compensation for a nation of this stature to offer for so great an outrage. It would not be nearly enough, but aa start in the right direction.
Wounded Knee is a special place and is desecrated by the honoring of US troops who did nothing more than slaughter innocent civilians. At the very least the US should recind these medals and apologize to the victim's families. I hope that our government can see the error of the past and set things right for the future.
I am doing a paper on the Ghost Dance and had no idea that the massacre at Wounded Knee was the end result of what is considered to be one of the most sacred and beautiful rituals that have ever existed.
As a retired field grade officer and veteran of the United States Army, I am ashamed and appalled by the fact that the US governemt gave the Medal of Honor to members of the armed forces for their actions in the slaughter at Wounded Knee. This is an affront to all Americans, not only Native Americans, and is a major dis-service to those who have truly earned the Medal. I support the request that these honors be rescinded.
Take back the medals that were given in dis-honor to these men of the military...granted they were only following orders, but that does not make this slaughter justified. As for turning Wounded Knee into a national park....why? Why do we feel that disturbing the rest of those that were killed, and displacing the living will reconcile what happened? This will not buy any favor, nor rid any guilt..... If anything, it makes us look all the more foolish and selfish . The only way to even start to fix what we have done is to start honoring treaties, let the American Indians have their freedom....religiously, politically, and let them lead their own lives free of our interferance... If they want our help, they will ask for it....
War crimes and atrocities do not merit the highest medal awarded by this nation. This action dishonors those who have truely earned the Congressional Medal of Honor. Moreover, the act of rescinding these medals would be an important step toward reconciliation and healing. As a resident of South Dakota who is keenly aware of this historical injustice, I strongly support this petition.
Thanks to Robbie Robertson who first drew my attention to the injustices to our native brothers and sisters, and to the Oomoto-Kyo of Japan and Marlon Brando who introduced me to Dennis Banks through their publications.
I have had the honor of visting the Lakota people many times in the past twenty years. As a young man in 1974 I made my first visit to Wounded Knee to see how the white people could help the "poor indian". What I found out over the years was that I was the one who needed help. It was the Lakota people who changed and helped me. The Wounded massacre was one of the blackest days in the history of this nation. I am appalled that these medals were awarded in the first place. I as a white member of this country demand that these medals of dishonor be recinded.
My outrage that these deeds went and continue to go rewarded and triumphed by the CMOH is beyond words. ...and to the victor goes the opportunity to write history as you wish. If possible, please send information on how I can assist further in your struggle.
A great insult to all who earned Medals of Honor during proper wars, and not massacres. These medals have to be rescinded if the government is ever to come to terms with its past, and mere words are not enough.
honor our first americans. honor and respect native peoples. rescind the medals.
USAF 64-71 Vietnam 68-71 search and rescue. Medals: Silver Star-Bronze star V-Purple heartx2- Air med.-Joint service comm.-Air Force comm.- AF outstanding unit award-POW medal-AF good cond.- Natl. defense-Vietnam Servicex4 stars-Vietnam gallantry cross with palm-Vietnam camp- I once wore these with honor.Now I feel ashamed!
If they only would be awarded with the Medal of HORROR instead... Rescind those medals inmediately!!! Nobody becomes a hero killing children, women and elders.
I am supposed to be part Lakhota! My sister inlaw is 25% registered Sioux. I am sick of of this countries attitude about the American Indians, and anyone or thing that is different! This country and it's citizens must be made to be held accountable for the hideous slaughter at THE KNEE! This country must be made to pay for it's HIDEOUS CRIMES! against any indian nation period! MARK MY WORDS! to all who read this. America will not heal, nor will it grow, until all of the land is given back to the indians!, it will not move forward, at least not spiritually, until the stain of blood, is wiped clean! I say take the medals away
Having spent an entire semester studying American Indian History at San Diego State University, I continue to be ashamed and appalled that the United States government committed such grievous offenses against Native Americans. Every step should be taken to attempt to restore the annals of history with truth as it is, not as the white male historians wished it to be. My shock and dismay continue as I learn more and study more. While we can never give back what we have stolen in many ways, every attempt should be made to correct the information available to generations of Americans. Rescind the Medals of Honor...There was no honor there.
I will have d.j.s at the radio station where i work read info
It's about time! Rescind those medals of dis-honor and apologize to The Nation.
There is no honor in genocide. Rescind these medals. Honor all the treaties. Give the land back. Sincerely, Aileen J. Terra
Well, I'm only an English schoolkid, but I'm also interested in Native American history and culture. I am quite frankly offended by the inaction of the government of what is supposed to be the height of modern civilisation. Surely it is time that the senators who control the USA get in touch with what people think, and realise that genocide, no matter how old or deep-seated, is a crime against all humanity. If I, as a 13 year-old child, can see this, why is the American 'democracy' unwilling to recognise that its history is marred by the mistakes of its founding heroes. America is not, and was not, Utopia.
Medals should not be awarded for murder, especially of women and children!
The fact that medels were given to child murderers and woman slayers shows that the United States of America is a country without honor.
To add to the list of "atrocities" that the U.S. government has recently made an effort to make amends for, the apology by President Clinton to the African American men that were subjects of a medical research project in which treatment for the syphyllis they were known to have contracted was withheld. I think this is important
For too many years in this country, an injustice has been ignored. The Spirits of the innocent who were savagely murdered at Wounded Knee and at other locations throughout this land deserve to rest in peace, in the knowledge that those who took away their freedom, their lives, homes, children..... their very way of life, have finally been punished. It is way past time for the truth to be known by all. I hope and pray that all our children honor and respect one another in ways that the past generations have not done. Peace and abundant blessings to all who fight for justice in this world.
This is pitiful. I can't believe that so many men recieved medal's of honor for slaughtering people. Are you saying that Charles Manson should recieve one too. That's insane. Why doesn't any other serial killer recieve one? That's basically what it is. Look, I'm 13 but I still understand this stuff. I'm about 1/16 Native American and if I shot those men, would I get a medal of honor? That's the message I took. They were doing something illeagle by taking thier weapons and they recieve a medal of honor. The Souix were not given what they were promised and the United States government STILL hasn't even said sorry. Do you know how that makes me feel? We're ALWAYS promised stuff
Tear's of shame roll down my face as I send this to you. My Choctaw blood is angry, but my White blood says have we not done enough? We took their lands,took their way's of life, destroyed all the things that we should have learned
As a person of White and Indian decent my embarassment of the incident at Wounded Knee still shames me emensley as a person of the White race. I strongly beleive that any recompense do to the Sioux Nation should be done without any sense of question. My Indian decent shall shead the tears and morn the loss of so many people who were just seaking what we all are in our daily lives which is peace, happiness and freedom to live as we choose.
Yes, I would like to see the Sioux Nation get an apology that is long over-due. I would also like to see the medal's of dis-honor taken away and given to the rightful owner's. Those of Wounded Knee. Being part Black-Foot, I understand and wish you luck... Thank you, Glenn Estes
Although I am only part Native American(Chippewa)I feel very close to what has occured in the past to my brothers. As a former military member I feel that medals are to be earned for bravery in killing the enemy, not their women and children. Medals of valor and honor they are not.
just admitt it !!!
Dear Mr. President, In this age of global communication, it is nearly impossible to expect the ordinary person to remain uninformed any longer. I am sure that you are well aware of this fact. Just like me, there are a lot of people in this great country of ours who feel a lot of shame and guilt knowing that Medals of Honor were given for what was clearly a massacre of innocent men, women, and children of First Nation Peoples. I fully support the First Nation's effort to have these medals rescinded.
Those medals should be rescinded, if that had happened today, there would have been a court martial and they would not have been given those medals. Our goverment did many wrongs, now it is time for those wrongs to be corrected, (probably not in my time).
How could those murderers even be considered for receiving an honor medal? They massacred hundreds of innocent Indians, and are cheered for it. It's a damn disgrace!!! Please, strip them of the medals as soon as possible.
I support the rescindment of the Medals of dis-Honor given to the murderers at Wounded Knee. These medals are a complete disgrace to every person living in the U.S. As a Nation, we are only as strong as our weakest link - and this moral problem of genocide that has existed for over 500 years, is one of the weakest. We can only be strong as a people and as a Nation when we face facts, reality, and become accountable. Only then can we begin to move forward and maybe begin to earn the title of being a great Nation.
What happened at Wounded Knee was a MASSACRE,it was an act of GENOCIDE. How can the US Government honour anybody who took part in that slaughter? Under the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights everybody has the freedom to practice their desired religion, however, the US Government obviously does not see Native American religion or Native American people as important or, for that matter, even existing. Those taking part in the Ghost Dance had a lawful right to do so. I demand that the US Government rescind these meadals of so-called 'honour'.
I live just a few miles
There was nothing honorable in what happened at Wuonded Knee, except may-be the defence that the Lakota People were able to muster so they wern't all killed.
The murders at Pine Ridge should not have been rewarded with medals. The presentation and record of these should be rescined. Throughout american history, the U.S. government has used 'The People' however it wanted for its own benefit. When it did not meet their needs, 'The People' were killed, moved, and/or separated. Here in Texas on the Historical Markers, when the government went on a killing spree it was called a campaign. But, when the area nation(s) tried to defend their territory or property and won the battle, it was called a massacre. To me this has been an injustice in terms. I believe the government should give back the lands that it stole. They have spent to much time stealing the land and stripping it of its resources to secure wealth for itself and a select group. The land was here long before man and will be here long after man. We are here temporarily to use the earth to survive naturally, not financially. We should learn to take care of this so that our children and our childrens children can enjoy it. As in the old days, only that that was needed to survive was used. The governement has long taken what it wanted and put into record what it wanted people to know, whether true or not. I do not have any native blood in my veins, but my heart is with the native peoples of this land. My best friends are Comanche and Kiowa.
Nothing is needed to be said
As a Combat Vetran and an individule who served with many proud men & women, I am putting faith in my goverment to make amends on an issue wich is long over due.
No one deserved a medal for the tragedy and horror that occurred that day. As a retired military person, I am ashamed that they were ever bestowed. The US government should act accordingly and rescind any honors handed out for that tragic day.
I am also a former-Marine, and was unaware that the Medal hand been awarded for massacre. This is very upsetting! The CMH is awarded for bravery above & beyond the call of duty, not the criminal act of slaughter of men, women & children. I also can't believe we paid the Japanese for property lost in World War II! They still deny their war crimes they committed against us and other nations.
As a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation, and a veteran of the Viet Nam era, I am appalled to find that a group of soldiers was honored with medals for killing innocent women and children. It was a crime to kill innocent women and children at "My Lai", and it was a crime to kill old men, women and children at "Wounded Knee". You do not give out the "Medal of Honor" for the commission of heinous crimes. You do not have to look very far to see into our eyes. Do you not see the inhumanity and dishonor which is brought upon the American people collectively by allowing these medals. It is never too late to right a wrong, no matter how long ago it was perpetrated. President Clinton apologized to the families of the Tuskeegee experiments. The country continues to apologize to the blacks for the slavery issues. When President Lincoln Emancipated the slaves, he was still busy sending out the cavalry to hunt down Native kill us and imprison us. Where is the justice.....where is the humanity ? It is appalling that men should have been for killing innocent families. It pains my heart to know that people like "Timothy McVeigh" should be awarded a the way, Native Americans died in the bombing of the federal building too. Is it only for white america that we prosecute McVeigh ? My friends, brothers, sisters, and countrymen, I appeal to you to right this terrible wrong.
It is inconceivable that medals would be given for the murder of innocent women and children, even by the standards of 1890. If this is in fact an appropriate mind-set, then why were not the soldiers returning
Rescind the medals of DIS-Honor
I am a member of a family that boasts veterans of five wars and shoe boxes full of medals. It is a shame to honor panic strcken, trigger happy soldiers at any level but twenty CMH's is an outrage. While our government is constantly outdoing itself to apologize and make reparations for past wrongs to generations of politically influential minorities, the Indian is, once again, pushed aside. It is an American tradition.
thank you for being vigilant -- may compassion reign someday
These men of the 7th Calvery were just as evil as any of the monsters of society that have plagued this land. That being men such as Joseph Greathouse, George Custer, Hitler, Timothy McVeigh, Jeffery Dalmer and so on and so on. They deserve the fate of the men, women and children that they murdered, I say that their remains should be gathered, joined together in one mass grave, in a fitting sight such as a landfill. Let their remains sit with the rest of the trash
please right this wrong
I am Northern Cheyenne. Only 1/4 blooded but whole hearted. My Tribe is in Lame Deer Montana. It is to my shame that part of same blooded people as me (whites) did such atrousis vicious acts as this was at Wounded Knee, and then to even accept a medal for these acts is their shame, and if I had one of those medals passed down to me, I would rid the world of it's dishonorable presence. Maybe if anyone has one of these medals they should be send to some Native American artisan melted down and used for some symbol of good.
Honor? Where is the honor in killing women, children, and old people that were unarmed and practicing their own religion? Woud the Army burst into a Christian church and blow away everyone there? I don't think so. And if this happened, don't you think that the families of every person that was killed would rise up and do everything in their power to pay back the ones who did the killing? Would we give medals of honor to the soldiers who did the killing? NO!!!! They would end up on Death Row for mass murder. These medals of honor must be taken back for the very reason that they were given. No apologies of the Government or any other White person will ever be accepted until the "honor" that was given for this mass murder is taken away. If we truly want to start on the road of peace, we need to start by listening and compromising.
Not only should the medals be rescinded but this massacre should not still be officially listed as a "battle" in government records. Follow your heart and common sense and do the "right thing".
Not only should the medals be rescinded but this massacre should not still be officially listed as a "battle" in government records. Follow your heart and common sense and do the "right thing".
It is inappropriate to celebrate men who have killed innocent people, men, women and children. These metals should be disposed of.
It is a disgrace to all people who call them selves "Americans" that this ghastly and purely evil occurrence should be honored with one of the nations most prestigious medals. It only follows that it also disgraces any American who fought and received this medal in any other conflict since the time of Wounded Knee. Let those who have received the "Metal of Honor" rightfully and with honor once again be able to respect its intended meaning.
As a descendant of a now extinct nation (Powhatan), and a former corporal in the United States Marine Corps,I wholeheartedly sympathize with the Great People of the Sioux Nation. The spirits of not only the murdered Sioux
Interferance and assimilation of lands by government officials, though they think that they act in the best interest of the people, is not an act of respect. Negotiation and communication with the Native People of any area is a must if we are to have any peace. Brainstorming and wonderful ideas that are conceived in the sterile confines of government must come to the grass roots of the people. When the people are consulted, the reality of the logistics and demographics can harmonize with reality and being close to the land which sustains us all. The Lakota are the caretakers of this land. They love and care for it, and it cares for them. To change the dimensions of what is now, in order to be politically correct in a time frame, is interfering with the Natural Laws we all must abide by. Please reconsider your action, as the Native People do not endorse the changing of what time and nature endeavour to do to keep the Earth healthy. We must live within what is ! ! ! real, not artificial to heal the human and earth's conditions. Having said all this in relation to the state and park planned for Wounded Knee, I would further say that to revert historically for a moment, it must be insisted upon that the metals of honour given to those men that participated in the massacre at Wounded Knee be revoked. There is no honour in killing defenseless, dying people and burying them like cordwood in a mass grave with the insight of "out of sight, out of mind." I sincerely hope that you hear my words, and understand that to have peace is to stop ignoring the Native Peolpe andto stop imposing the cerebral brainstorming of leaders far
The medals must be rescinded. They not only glorify a vicious act of murder, they dishonor the true meaning of the Medal of Honor, as it was intended.
The Native American Indian can never be given back what has been taken
I have just resently read up on Wounded knee. It's so sad that something like this could ever happen. I am very happy to sign this petition and I will inform my friends of it.
I have just resently read up on Wounded knee. It's so sad that something like this could ever happen. I am very happy to sign this petition and I will inform my friends of it.
To those of Authority in Washington D.C., Have you not dishonored my people and all the native people on Turtle Island enough with your lies, broken treaties, attempted genocide, and brutal outright murder of our women and children. Where in all that stands true is the honor that these acts of disgrace and barbarianism have shown the world. Enough is enough, rescind these medals of cowardice,shame,and dishonor NOW! And you called us savages? Look in the mirror!
The continued support for the awarding of this nation's highest honor for an action by it's armed forces that may well qualify as the most dishonorable in its history is indefensible. One may cite forever how times are different now than they were then, however sometimes it may prove necessary to "revise" history when the perpetuation of the status quo is an abomination to all who love the ideals upon which this great nation was founded. Perhaps for Congress to say "we're sorry" is not enough, perhaps the disgrace of rescinding Medals of Honor is a more acute symbol of real atonemnent. And one would think that the rewarding of an action of blood lust and genocide would bring discredit to all the honorable soldiers who later deservedly received this honor for a real contribution to the their nation's security. Please reconsider rescinding the Medals of Honor awarded to the butchers of Wounded Knee.
President Clinton made an apology not long ago to the African Americans, due to slavery. What about our apology for murder? I am following my heart to find my grandmother's Cherokee heritage. I am in the process of reading, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. I want to learn and understand as much as I can about my heritage. I doubt anyone can make me understand why so many of our people were killed. It doesn't make any sense. This is a wonderful website that I will continue to visit often. Wado Gina Clingan
When people are slaughtered there is no need for reward nor is there any right thereto. I cannot express in words how offensive it is that medals were EVER given for murder.
We must all own up to our mistakes, and especially to those terrible travesties committed by our forefathers, and seek justice and apologize where it is clearly due.
I don't know if my support will do any good being as I am a Canadian citizen but I DO support this cause.
To give these Murderers the C.M.H. for their actions at wonded knee. Brings Shame and Tarnishes the deeds of those who were justly awarded the C.M.H. and paid the supreme sacrafice. This STAIN must be removed
The U.S. Government should be ashamed of awarding a medal of ANY kind for the killing of women & children anywhere. These medals are discraceful, an embarrassment, but also proof of the twisted and warpped reasons the Government awards medals. This in itself should be reason enough for resinding.
Through a social studies project our 10 year old daughter did this spring on Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull, as well as seeing Dances With Wolves and Crazy Horse the movie that was aired this past Spring, my awareness about the suffering of the true native people of this land has grown greatly. Also through a series of dreams I had within the past few years, I believe what happened to these people is a crime of great magnitude that MUST be acknowledged! It is in the psyche, the collective unconscious of all Americans. It is a crime of no less importance than the extermination of the Jewish Nation by Hitler. Until we can acknowledge and embrace our own darkness, we will never find wholeness, peace and healing. My husband is a Lutheran Pastor, I worked as a music educator for many years. Currently I'm an at home wife and mother and for the past ten years have done extensive reading in Spirituality, Transpersonal and Jungian Psychology. We cannot hope to heal others or our land until we first learn to bring healing to ourselves. 5 Years ago I saw Kevin Locke, a Sioux dancer and flute player perform at the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, TN. His message is about the Rainbow Bridge that all races, all the tribes of mankind, can learn to build and travel across. As he danced for a crowd of about 500 "Americans" - most of us with European Ancestry, there was a moment when his ego seemed to disappear and the dance, danced through him. It was a moment of transcendence. Everyone in the place felt it. This is part of the gift he and his people have to give to other human beings around the globe. His ancestors suffered like few of us can imagine, yet we carry these deeds which happened just a little over 100 years ago in our collective unconscious. This is just a second ago in geologic time. There is a Wisdom Native American people have where they are not consumed by the rage and hate they could justly feel toward white Americans. Instead through people like Kevin Locke, they can be the teachers who show us the way to live with one another in peace. Kevin Locke is coming to our town next April to share his gift with the school children of our community. We are just south of Cleveland - THIS IS CLEVELAND INDIANS TERRITORY! I hope he can help to awaken all of us here of the importance of NOT having Indians for mascots. But until we can learn to open the eyes of our minds and hearts and learn to see with clear vision and come to a clear knowing about what happened at Wounded Knee and publically apologize, until we know in our hearts the words the Chief Seattle and know in the depths of our being that we are all brothers and sisters in the stillness, we remain in darkness. It is only the truth brought to the light of day that shall set us all free!
Any Medals awarded for mis-deeds belittle the meaning and honor of honest soldiers' sacrifices.
It is time. In America honor is something stolen
Awarding medals for a massacre is a "National Disgrace". Please convene a hearing about this matter
My recent interest in our native americans has prompted my research into much of thier culture. My discovery of this shamful event which was acknowledged by awarding our nations highest honors sickens me. There should be no doubt or question as to what needs to be done. There should be no discussions or e-mail or campaigns. It is a travisty and you know it. Of all the shameful things we have done to these people this is perhaps the worst.
Acknowledge your shame and rid yourselves of evil. Recind the medals of hypocrisy and restore to the Lakota peoples their esteem and rightful place (which is MORE 'rightful' than any white American) in the history of America.
A shame (one of many) on the nation. A child in Germany during WWII, my mother once confided in me, "When I see (footage of NAZI attrocities) - I can't even think about it. It makes me ashamed of my herritage (to be a German)." Since I began my own search of the history of the USA (public schools teach ZERO regarding the true brutality of our westward expansion), I feel somewhat the same with respect to our (white America) behavior and refusal to confront the reality of our responsibility. How would the US (or the world for that matter) react today? The promoters of ethinic cleansing in Bosnia are considered war criminals, yet US military leaders of the 19th century OPENLY advocated genocide (and committed) and are honored with medals (also geographical names - streets, counties ... the name Chivington Co., Colorado makes me sick). Until we have the courage to admit the crimes of the past honestly, how can we ever heal the past. As a German-American with German parents, I confront this quite often. In High School, a friend of mine got into an arguement with me, insisting of my mother's (she was 8 years old at the end of the war) as well as my collective guilt for the past. We all have a responsibilty here, and victory over the Indian people does not excuse the methods. What we did was cowardly, and we need to admit it and make meaningful ammends.
I certainly agree that these medals should be rescinded. Honor is not gained by the killing of innocent men, women and children. The people who should be honored are the people whose lands and families have been stolen in the name of the US government. Many tragedies have occured amoung the first peoples of this Turtle Island, many lost lives, but certainly, the most remembered is the shameful acts of the US government at Wounded Knee. REMEMBER WOUNDED KNEE!
What are the minimum standards of decency required - let alone bravery - for Americans to win the Medal of Honor? I don't know. ... but the systematic slaughter of unarmed women, children, and men at close range - in winter - fails that minimum standard. Can anyone doubt that... especially given the poignant and vivid photographs documenting the slaughter. Perhaps as we enter a new century, we can also establish a higher standard of heroism.
How can anyone be awarded such a medal for the atrocities done to people. It makes me feel shame every time I read, see a movie or just think about our history of that time.
Those medals are the most callous and disgusting thing you could do to your own people. It's a badge of unspeakable shame. I feel sorry for your humanitarian Nation. Do yourselves a real favor and erase that smudge and lift your heads up. I feel shame and I'm Native!
I am a 1/4 Cherokee Indian and I am very proud of this fact. It angers me that during my studies of the Indian and Whites , when the whites killed Indians it was called a military movement, but when the Indians retaliated for the loss of their loved ones it was called a masacrea. To me the soldiers at Wounded Knee were nothing but cowards and should not be allowed the honor of the Medal of Honor. They had no honor.
When will America recognize the "Holocaust" that occured in this country a century ago and is still happenig here today. It is deplorable that our people were killed with no provocation, women, children and elders who were unarmed at Wounded Knee on December 29, 1890. We get up in arms when this happens in Africa, Bosnia, and other countries and ignore what has happend to the Indegenous Peoples of this continent. My Elders and Ancestors cry out for justice and the same thing is happening to people today on reservations in this country. The very idea that Medals of Honor were presented to the soldiers who murdered women and children at Wounded Knee. They were shot down worse than rabid animals and the killers were rewarded for it and America refuses to acknowledge this. It is bad enough that our culture and traditions is being stolen
Even General Nelson Miles wrote that the "wholesale massacre....was the most brutal, cold-blooded massacre" he had ever heard of.... He went on to directly fault Col. Forsyth seems odd that the government has difficulty rescinding the medals, when the words of the department commander fix the blame squarely on the shoulders of Forsyth and his men.
It is time to apologize for the dis-honor given the Lakota can do this by rescending the Medals of dishonor..Why do you get honored to kill one of your own people??..I thought you went to prison for murder not got honored..
One holocaust has been remembered forever in the annuals of history. Now the time has come to take responsibility and begin to repair this one.
Nobody is above the law, and above all those who enforce the law must live within the law.
I am a proud Vietnam Veteran, and reciepient of the Bronze Star. After many years of self help and professional counseling, I can cope with PTSD and guilt associated with my "Vietnam Expereience". The horrors of war are terrifying enough without the killing of innocents. Surely our government can rescind the improper award of CMH's. It is proper and only by that action can proper respect be given to appropriate recipients and "honorable warriors."
It is not only the Sioux that mourn for these people and the injustice to them, but the people of every nation. They were trampled upon in an inhumane incident that will forever tarnish the United States's reputation. We mourn for the brothers and sisters that were lost, and the families that were destroyed. These people will never be forgotten. They are loved, and no power will stop that.
Being native american growing up in Rapid City, I felt the stygma. Being a vet with 2 tours in Viet Nam, I feel I have an idea of what actions should have been done to earn the Medal of Honor, Genocide and the massacre of women, children and old men are NOT actions deserving of any medal. They in fact should have been shot to death by firing squad, I fully support the rescinding of these medals. I hope that every native american in this country gets to see this petition and supports it wholeheartedly
Its the right thing! This is a national disgrace,to the dead,to the living,to your "Army",and everyone involved.
Not only should any medals, commendations or favorable notations in soldiers' records be rescinded; but, the entire contingent of army personnel present at that time should be in general court-martial. Not at anytime, ancient or present times, should a horror such as this occur, especially with sufficient and supposed competent officers present to see that matters such as these do not occur. I have some Cherokee blood line myself; however, my ancestry is almost totally european. It is events such as this that make me ashamed of that ancestry. Additionally, it is embarassing to be an American with this and many other acts of horror by our soldiers against the indian nations remaining on record as "heroic", "justified", or even acceptable. The horror at Wounded Knee, Sand Creek and many others should be recorded as atrocities; and, all having any soldiers and/or politicians that had a part in them given retroactive dishonorable discharges, etc. This action should be greatly publicized with the of the House, Senate, Presidency and Military representatives. I further feel that monetary gifts be made by the Federal Government to the tribes involved. Not that money can make up for even a part of the actions, but it is the only measure by which any portion correction can be attempted.
I implore you to remove these medals, as a veteran the son of veterans and the brother of veterans please restore honor to the CMH. Rescind the medals awarded for the massacre at Wounded Knee Creek South Dakota.
The american flag no longer flys over my home. What the goverment has done and is doing is a disgrace to all americans. It's time to right the wrongs!!! Rescind those medals!!!!
I am appalled that medals were given to soldiers who killed the indigenous inhabitants of this country. I am proud to be Native American and while this country devoted a great deal of time trying to exterminate my people, they weren't able to get the job done. This, I am grateful for.
Rescind the medals of dis-Honor.
Hi!Some years ago i read one book called:"Bury my heart at Wounded Knee" know in this book about the real history about americans indians.Many nati- ve people died especially children,women and old people
I have read with great sadness many accounts of the Wounded Knee tragedy and feel deeply there was no honor associated with the actions of the United States Army that day in December of 1890.Did the Death March Of Bataan cause a greater loss of life than the Cherokee Trail Of Tears? I think not, yet one is remembered with great honor and the other as "MANIFEST DESTINY".
Why is it that the United States Government still will not admit to their mistakes against the American Indians? It is my duty to my ancestors to ask you to please admit to your guilt and while you are contemplating apologizing to the African Americans, how about apologizing to the true Americans. Stop giving medals and honors to the white man for killing innocent women and children. Please!!!!
I hope deep in my heart that this petition does not fall on deaf ears.It concerns in my eyes a wrong that is long overdue in being reckoned with,but no matter how much apologizing is done it will always leave a deep sorrow in my heart.You have all of my support,and best wishes in your fight for justice.Sincerely,Eric M. Thorne
It's a shame that you can sit in your seats and refuse to acknowledge the people who own this land. Go back to Europe, you invaders!
Damn Straight!
The blood of Mother Earth flows in our veins. The white man can murder us and call it valor, dig up our Mother's breast and call it progress, and pretend We are walking the path they call civilization. But in all ways and all things the white man is wrong. We have been, we are, and we will always be. And the Spirits will not rest until all the wrongs done to Our Mother's Children have been righted. And the grass will grow green and sweet and the wind will be cleansed and will sing in the trees!
Without proper understanding, acknowledgement, and acceptance of the wrongs of the past committed by the government of our so-called glorious United States of America, the future of this country will be doomed to failure.
I think what the United States government has done to the Sioux Nation is disgraceful. The fact that the men who participated in the massacre were even given medals of honor in the first place is a travesty to the meaning behind the award. This massacre of innocents is contrary to the philosophy of Democracy that the United States is supposed to uphold. Please take action to rectify the hideous evil that has been done--do not honor cold-blooded murderers and extend a sincere apology to those who have been wronged.
I am a history major and have done my historical research paper on the wounded knee massacre and firmly believe that no soliders deserve medals of honor for their roles in this terrible massacre of the native american people.
Until very recently, I had no idea that that the "soldiers" who butchered hundreds of Lakota (Sioux) at Wounded Knee were recipients of the Medal of Honor.
It's acts like Wounded Knee that embarrass me about our American heritage. Where is the "justice for all" ? Such a senseless tragedy.
I have been living and working overseas in Korea and Japan for the past 10 years now. My state of birth is Massachusetts and my parent's home is in Quincy, Massachusetts. I am a former US Army Officer, Captain, Armor; I hold a Joint Services Commendation Medal and the Army Achievement Medal.
My Great Grandfather received a Medal of Honor (or whatever was the equivalent at that time) for surviving Andersonville Prison during the Civil War. No-one would consider giving this medal to the guards or their superiors at Andersonville. Do not denegrate my Great Grandfather's suffering by awarding the Medal of Honor to men who do not deserve it. What happened at Wounded Knee was not honorable, surely you know this. The rest of the world knows what honor is and will not be fooled.
As a card caring member of the Tsalagiyi Nvdagi(Cherokee in Texas) I stand with my Lakota brothers 100%. Remove these medals NOW. Aiiowing men who are unworty to have the Medal of Honor, dishonors those who have rightfully earned it. And none of the men (Americans) who fought at Wounded Knee who participated in the massacre of 300 women and children deserve any honors but only a dishonorable dissimal
What honor is there in killing women &children?
I am thoroughly outraged that a government in our "civilized" society would recognize such blatant and uncalled for "murder". I ask that you rescind these medals in all that is good and just. The murder of unarmed women, men and children practising their religion is all that is unholy according to the King James version of the bible. These medals are not medals of courage or valour they are medals of shame and disgust. The men who accepted these medals were cowards and cowards deserve no awards of any kind!!!!
I think that it is a travesty that men serving in the US Army were awarded our Nation's highest military honor for participating in what was obviously a massacre. For the souls of the slaughtered to rest in peace, justice must be served and this would be a small step in the right direction.
I can only respect a government that has the courage to do the right thing.
Count on me for continued support
Les massacreurs de wounded knee me rendent honteux d'Dtre blanc... ly seems to me that the men that recieved these medals were not heroes at all. They were nothing but men who participated in the gravest crime of all. A crime against humanity. How people can recieve medals for such a hideous crime is beyond me.

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