July 14, 1996

Senator John McCain

Chairman, Senate Committee on Indian Affairs

241 Russell Senate Office

Washington, D.C.


Dear Senator McCain,

I am in receipt of your letter dated June 24, 1996 written in response to three packages of signatures/comments sent to you calling for the rescindment of the medals of (dis)Honor awarded to American "soldiers" for the Massacre at Wounded Knee.

I am dismayed that the Chairman of the Senate Committee On Indian Affairs has concluded that rescindment is not warranted. That you use the term "massacre" while defending your position and the role of the Colonizers is the best indicator that there can be no justice for those Peoples who have had so much tragedy visiting upon them by Wasichu.

Herein I would like to respond to certain portions of your letter:

You said
that I have proposed rescindment of "seventeen Medals of Honor awarded to U.S. Army personnel for actions at Wounded Knee...and at Drexel Mission on the following day."

This is not so...I have proposed the rescindment of the twenty medals issued for action at the Massacre site and made no mention of Drexel Mission. Should you not be familiar with the specifics of Wounded Knee I invite you to visit the Wounded Knee Home Page. This sites WWW url is <http://www.pobox.com/~jsd/WKmasscre.html>.

You said
that rescindment is not warranted for actions of "bravery in a fierce fight in which 25 soldiers were killed and 45 others wounded."

With all due respect I question your use of the term "bravery." These soldiers picked a fight - against the direct orders of General Miles - that progressed into a massacre. These soldiers were responsible for much of their own deaths/woundings via their own cross-fire. These soldiers were hung-over/drunk as a result of the smuggling of a keg of whiskey into their camp the night before.

You said
that "...as a result of this review (which included Wounded Knee), 911 medals were rescinded, all because the recipients were judged not to have distinguished themselves in combat and at the risk of their lives."

What you have to failed to mention is that no medals were rescinded for the Massacring activity at Wounded Knee. The omission of this information I take as deliberately misleading by you.

You said
that "Today, as it has been for the past 25 years, Federal Indian policy is to foster Indian self-determination and economic self-sufficiency..."

That this declaration is false can be no better illustrated but by the fact that you, as a member of the Wasichu Establishment, continue to let the Bureau of Indian Affairs get away with the $2.4 billion dollars of First Nations funds it is unable to account for.

You said
that "In 1990, in an unprecedented action, the 101st Congress passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 153, which apologized to the Sioux [sic] people for the Wounded Knee massacre..."

Nowhere in this resolution is the term "apology" or "apologize" used. For Wasichu to say he is "sorry" for a Massacre underwritten by the Medal of (dis)Honor is farcical, tragic and the emptiest of posits.

You said
that you support memorial "...efforts in the belief that establishing a well-conceived memorial to the victims of Wounded Knee is preferable to attempting to strip long-dead soldiers of a medal which they might not merit under today's standards."

You fail to realize that there can be no attempt at atonement by Wasichu until these medals of (dis)Honor are rescinded. As to the proposed "memorial," Wasichu has no business intruding into a matter of consequence to the Lakota. This all the more so because the Lakota have their own "memorial" and require nothing from those responsible for the Massacre and the continuing theft of First Nations funds

I call upon you as Chairman of the Committee on Indian Affairs to swim against the tide and act honorably...rescind these medals thereby showing the First Nations that there are some who care to make amends.

In all sincerity,

Jordan S. Dill

McCain Responds

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