I have no mercy...

My name is Jordan S. Dill.
My Father was English.
My Mother was Irish and Tsalagi.

I have no mercy.

I am not a barbarian.

And, have no tolerance for subterfuge.

I am one who speaks his Truth.

I am one of the forgotten (in this land), one of the faceless ones, a Native American. I am One from whom this Land was stolen through the use of Deceit, through Lies, through Ravage, through Rape, through Pillage. I am one of those who knows the degradation continues...


I have no mercy.

I am concerned with Foundations. I am concerned with what I have Lost. What was hid from Me. I am concerned with Falsehood and the words in which such hides.

I have no mercy for negligence.

I have no mercy.

I have no mercy for those who say "I meant this and did that."

I have no mercy.

I have no mercy for "My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty..."

I am a bitter man.

I have no mercy having been taught there is no mercy.

I will not forgive...

You may throw me away, but, I will not be gone...

I have no mercy.

Cross my heart and hope to die...

Wasichu? What's that?