...to feed ourselves

...some things.

perhaps some reiteration...which, of course, will make us all uncomfortable...still, perhaps grass should be. cause, one reason i write is to leave something...children forget or dont care or never knew what to care about if that might be defined as something that was important to me. they will never see, or know, this. friend? yes. these. but, life provides the bonding and what might happen when there is no more of that. i dunno...but i care...cause i dont want this all to disappear.

so i write. is fruitless. cause who cares? one can not be driven by that. for sure...cause in the end one does for one...for that and nothing more...tis the how of this that counts...the whos to involve so as to feed ourselves...there is the key.

see. it is the wherefrom one starts. jumps. that counts. eyes closed deep breath...jumping because it feels the thing to do...the right...without thought..no after, just the do.

for calculations sometimes cause a binding and constrict...cause tender thoughts and motives not to prove as prods hence chances missed...

better to flow as water, filling every nook and cranny in the path the flow has chosen...believing not in god but instead thinking that if there is a god i am he I walk without thought and sometimes calculation...choosing some as some choose me...no thought given often to the why cause all is bound together anyway.

still, if i am god so too are you a goddess...and what can such do but act in knowing that from each all else springs hence doing good for them will feed the world.

then, too...who said I know anything anyway.

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