Cottage, 11.14.03 - First storm November, 2003.
What the hell, it's my funnel.

Not(?) Getting Away with Murder: Hello Vernon! Thanks for your mention. As you know, we have never spoken to each other. You have placed me in good company with Ward Churchill and Glenn Morris (many others too) though, I think. Thank you.

Anna Mae and Indigenous Poppycock!: I say that Leonard's latest advice (given in response to the arrest of some "alleged" to have been close to the back of Anna's head as the trigger was pulled) firmly defines itself as poppycock.

Shooting Indians and Racist Heads Hung in Shame: Every day, every moment, Racism dogs The Nations. The attempt to hammer The People via painted rock slogans, Tribal cemetery trashing or by the actions of ignorant politicians angry that The People have yet to be eradicated continues unabated.

Making Choices, Bills Come Due and Whispers: defines themselves by the company they keep. This, even if there is no consensus in such company. One must find comfortable, self-defined honorable ground.

Truth Defined In Blood: What we need is some raggedly-assed, non-carded, non-traceable bloodlined member of The Nations, someone who has no interest in gaining anything personal to step up to the head of the line and command all The People to join forces.

Sedition and a Warriors Legacy: Everything is connected. Something pushes, something yields. In death life is generated. Lori's death has become a catalyst for change. First in Arizona and...where next?

Allow no Muddying of the Water as Justice comes to Anna : AIM Colorado suggests that one must be careful not to jump to conclusions, not to presume guilt. Certainly this is good advice in light of the fact that Arlo and John Boy have been alleged to be the killers for many years.

Gimme Some Too!: Vicente Fox, Bush and undocumented workers rights activists promote drivers licenses, access to public education and sanctioned residency while members of the First Nations fight to keep the corruptors from running them over, invalidating their heritage, rightful claims to what was treaty agreed and pumping the N aquifer dry.

Malevolent Brilliance Prompts Chickenhawks to Seek Iraqi Oil : One year from being nailed twixt the eyes a man who had (has?) not the spine to serve his country under the Gun proposes to march others off to War with Iraq. Can a sitting President make amends and enlist in the Armed Forces so as to rightfully qualify for the position of Commander in Chief? Could the General take over while Bush brings himself up to speed?

Late to The Party, With Good Reason Too : I love the term "equal." Another terrific word is "objective." Let's follow these up with "hypocritical." I won't bore you with the definitions. Do that homework yourself. After the homework you have a nice word sandwich: equal, objective, hypocritical. This sandwich can lead us to the Declaration of Independence, on to the Land of the Free and My Country Tis of Thee...are you getting any of my hints?

Bringing The Fight Home: Now, I know the intent of this whole thing is satire but what a terrific choice for a mascot. The Fighting Whites! En masse marching under God to the beat of Manifest Destiny and might is right.

26 Years, Her Hands, Lies And Foundations Shifting : The First Nations have an obligation to Honor the hunt for Anna Mae's killers. This must be done or there will be no Peace. Either for The Nations or for Anna. Some say it does not matter who pulled the trigger. That it does not matter who raped Her. That what matters is determining those who prompted the pillage of Anna.

Bringing Down The Dirty Indians : There has been no bigger failure in this "country" than that of the Federal Government's attempt to mainstream and separate members of the First Nations from allegiance to their Nations, from their Traditions and from their Heritage. While the Fed's did do grave damage to The People, The People have steadfastly refused to be absorbed, to become part of the U.S of A's so-called melting pot. This resoluteness and failure to yield to the Colonizer ruffles feathers. We are addressing some of those ruffled feathers here.

You got the Power? : Guantanamo Bay. Bush has no problem declaring a "war" (discounting the fact that only Congress can declare a "war") against the Taliban hence bringing more hell to an already hell-ridden land. Then, he captures his foes, flies them into the face of Castro and declares them not to be prisoners-of-war! How about that as a classic example of "You got the Power, you do what you want?" America is lining right up to pat him on the back, too.

Expectation, Justice and Power to the People : The Spanish Empire followed its own myths down a path that turned the plunder of the Americas into a curse. Lord Acton's dictum that absolute power corrupts absolutely did not open the eyes of the British Empire. The Third Reich and the Soviet Empire stumbled over the same self-important illusions. The United States, unless it can be as different as its founding myth claims, will take many other peoples if not the species with it when it goes.

Stealing from Indians: Now, if you are reading this and have no idea what it refers to please pardon my classifying you as "ignorant" of one of the greatest administrative farces visited upon the First Nations. For sure you have some home work to do.

Patriots(?), Those Guys, Carnivore and the Blinding of Justice : Even Internet Service Providers, universities and network administrators are authorized under the new law to conduct surveillance of "computer trespassers" without a court order. The new law compels any Internet provider or telephone company to turn over customer information, including phone numbers called, without a court order, if the FBI claims that the records are relevant to a terrorism investigation. The company is forbidden to disclose that the FBI is conducting an investigation, has immunity to provide any sensitive data and is not bound by statutory rights to suppress the information.

Amherst, Anthrax And Remembering The Past: As the clean up continues, a spore-forming bacterium has taken center stage. Bacillus anthracis, front and media center. Media specialists, postal employees and Washington politicos are under this gun. Bio-warfare big time in the U. S. of A.

A Chill, Darkness and Dimming: Is any resident of this Land free from association with America's global machinations be they First Nations or not? I think the answer is obvious. If you are here, you are responsible. If you are here, you're fair game for those who choose to make their bloody, fanatical points. We (all of us) better wake up.

nine one one zero one: Yesterday, nine one one zero one, has been stalking America for some time. Never has this country been visited. That has now changed.

Body Bombs, Gall, Zion and Mount Rushmore: Israel manuevers her F-16s in partitioned skies. Wasichu builds his monuments in the heart of Indian Country on stolen land. By doing so wrongful domination is certified. Still, who knows? One day the dominators may receive their just deserts.

Amnesty, PKD, Camps, Zimbabwe and Custer: Now, finally we get to the point. Consider what might have happened if Custer had not been, deservedly, trashed. Might any good have come from that? Would there have been a Massacre at Wounded Knee? What if? What if Tecumseh had triumphed, Geronimo had not trusted? What if Wasichu had not been as plentiful as ants?

Milosevic, Pol Pot, Jackson and Homer St. Francis: How is it that we (humans) tend to relate to and assign singular responsibility to "persons" versus the "groups" with whom they affiliate? Was Hitler or the Germans ultimately responsible for Holocaust carnage? Which of the two had/has the greater responsibility?

Colonizers Declaration of Independence: I am obliged to comment news-wise twice per month on the 15th and at the end of the month. But, I deliberately bypassed the end of June so as to comment today, July 4th, 2001. A day calculated to tout the Declaration of Independence. A document that hit the street in July 4, 1776.

Eating Grass, Bombs, Carnage and Federal Justice: If push came to shove and The People sought to balance the rape, pillage and carnage wrought under whatever banner was in vogue at a particular time this Land would flow in blood. What might be the "good" in such a thing? I think there would be none such.

Means, LaDuke and Commander in Chiefs: Having no faith in politics and politicians, I have less faith in pyrrhic evolutions. Gestures eating up money, time, and the good faith of dupped supporters. The Nader/LaDuke presidential campaign was a perfect example. Were it not for Nader and LaDuke, the jerk from Texas would not be riding high in the saddle.

Slaps In The Face : It was with a sense of deja vu that I encountered mention that the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, signed with the Soviet Union in 1972, was identified by President Bush " as a Cold War relic that should no longer restrict the development of U.S. missile defenses."

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