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Waterbird Creations (via the First Nations site) is proud to bring to Indian Country, the original/copyrighted decal artwork of Charlie Silverwater. Charlies first decal offerings can be found by clicking on this link.

Charlie Silverwater is a full blooded Apache Indian descended from the rich heritage of the Mescalero and Chiracahua Apache nations.

Silverwater, an urban Indian who practices the traditional ways of his ancestors, is a familiar site at many of the local powwows. He often works as an arena director, emcee's assistant, or wherever he is needed to ensure that the ceremony runs smoothly. Silverwater is a Vietnam veteran who served 12 years in the US Air Force, and is an integral part of the yearly Honoring our Veterans powwow in San Diego. He is a Sundancer and has been honored many times by various tribal elders.

For friends and personal use, Silverwater has created several pieces of art in the American Indian tradition. His decorative gourds, leatherwork, beading, and drawings are well known and highly sought after. He has created ceremonial fans for many of the powwow dancers.

The Teepee (6" by 5") and the Horse (7" by 3") decals are $10 each. All of the others are $8 a piece.

Please designate the quantity, color, and style you wish to purchase.

Tipi ($10)
Horse ($10)
Spirit Bear ($8 - 5" by 4")
Spirit Elk ($8 - 5" by 4")
Bear Paw, right ($8 - 5" by 4")
Bear Paw, left ($8 - 5" by 4")
Wolf Paw ($8 - 4" by 4")
Buffalo Hooves ($8 - 4" by 4")

Checks/money orders made out for the amount of items purchased may be sent to:

Waterbird Creations
1671 North First Street
El Cajon, California

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