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On February 24, 1976, my cousin, Anna Mae Pictou-Aquash, was found violated, disgraced, murdered, and abandoned on the edge of the Pine Ridge Reservation. She was known by many as having courage and commitment. Apparently, her courage led to her doom. Vigilantly, she searched for truth, and found some, which cost her life - she knew too much.

Many of us believe the inevitability of cycles. Every seven years there is possibility for life to recycle itself. With renewal, the old has to be washed away, and the new be given a fresh start, if there is to be complete growth. With seven times, three, twenty one, a whole new generation comes about, if the possibility is realized and allowed. Twenty one years have passed since her murder.

The next generation must know and realize TRUTH for it to have a chance. Anna Mae set that in motion with her death, and the completion of that cycle is destined to be now. I carry her family blood in my veins, so her spirit speaks to me. She has guided me to retrace her steps from Nova Scotia, through South Dakota, New Mexico, Denver, and back to South Dakota again. I am so committed to this investigation that I have taken out a second morgage on my home to finance the over 30,000 miles I traveled and spent thousands in long distance phone calls. Because she was family, I have been privileged with information that others would share with no one else.

The complexity of this case is overwhelming. Obviously only one man could have pulled the trigger in this cowardly deed, shooting my cousin mafia style in the back of the head after she had been raped and pleaded for time to pray one last prayer. However, that man did not stand alone. Others were with him and still others sent them.

History has always recorded that death never really stopped powerful people. Their deeds snowballed, their spirits roamed, and their memories are within the hearts of those who knew them either through experience or through legend. Many times, death actually released powerful souls from their limiting bodies to limitless potential. Anna Mae's spirit is a powerful one. She will not rest until a domino effect has been set in motion to put her spirit at rest and to set her People free.

The details of her death have already been recorded in writings and song, yet the murderer still walks the earth freely, only he is not free. I and others know who he is, who was with him, and who sent him, and even why. The question is, "What's next?"

We all know of the Universal Law, "What goes around comes around." What form that cycle will take will be very interesting. All people that know what really happened, but have kept silent, in fear, will stay victims of their own silence. Their families have already been affected by their fear, which is a loss of spirit. They have tried to replace spirit with spirits (liquor) to cover up their frustrations. They have watched countless others give their power away to those that say, "I will lead you," and they do, but in what direction?

Anna Mae was in Denver where she was kidnapped by Arlo Looking Cloud, Theda Nelson Clark, and John Boy Patton. Theda was given orders to have Anna Mae eliminated. In Denver, Arlo Looking Cloud raped Anna Mae. She was then taken back to South Dakota where she was shot in the back of the head by John Boy Patton!

Although Arlo would have shot Anna Mae, he gave John Boy his chance to prove his allegiance. Anna Mae asked for time to pray one last time, but was shot before she could.

This testimony was given by Arlo Looking Cloud, who escaped prosecution because he has Immunity. Why does he have Immunity and get to walk the streets of Denver bragging about it? Does John Boy Patton have Immunity by the Canadian government? If so, why? What keeps these people from being tried for murder?

I have no fear of the Truth, it will set us all free!

In the Spirit of Anna Mae, Robert A. Pictou-Branscombe - 4.29.97

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Please take the time to visit a site showcasing the soon-to-be-published new work Who will unbraid her hair? by Antoinette Claypool.

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