"What really happened on that lonely road where a Native American and a deputy sheriff died? What really happened in the manhunt for Bear Lincoln? Many residents of the Mendocino County reservation accuse law enforcement of police brutality, racial and cultural prejudice, and civil rights violations during the zealous manhunt for an accused cop-killer. They also believe deputies mistakenly ambushed two innocent Indian men, killing one. Comparisons are already being made between recent events at Round Valley and the 1975 police behavior on the Pine Ridge Reservation, which ended with Leonard Peltier convicted of killing FBI agents. Like Pine Ridge, police are accused of warrantless searches, brutality to elders, pointing guns at children false arrests - and possibly framing an innocent man. Will the 1995 events of Round Valley also be remembered in shame?"
Bear Lincoln's Grandmother has asked that visitors to the First Nations Site acquaint themselves with the plight of her Grandson...Mendocino Sheriffs had been conducting illegal "searches" and harrassing elders related to or sympathetic to Bear's situation.

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