Mary Lafford - Sister

     "My sister's murderer, or murderers, will probably never be found. I believe the person or persons responsible may be connected with the FBI, perhaps not directly but indirectly somehow. Anna died as a result of ignorance on the paart of the killers: she was one person against many of them. Who could she have hurt? They say the FBI is the most powerful body in the United States. Nobody can get near it.

     "Anna was an educated person - a person with common sense. She worked for the American Indian Movement out of dedication, not publicity or headlines. The real Indian people, thjose who are like her, should be controlling that movement.

     "My sister's death has taught me to foretell the events that will take place in this country. I have learned - from all she told me - to see what is happening. The same things will happen here [Nova Scotia] as have happened in the United States. This country will become another South Dakota."

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