...she does matter to me
March 16, 1999

[NOTE: Specific permission has been granted to include this letter at Anna's site. I have made no typographical correction to the letter...JS Dill - 3.16.99

Something else that might be kept in mind here...How anyone might consider an investigation underwritten by the agency which cut off Anna's hands, directed that she be buried anonymously, AND alleged that she died of exposure is anything other than another attack on AIM is beyond me...however serious Ecoffey et al might be, his (their?) alignment with the FBI seriously damages his veracity...JS Dill, 5.14.97]

To All Native Americans,

I would like to introduce myself; I am Detective Abe Alonzo with the Denver Police Department, Denver, Colorado. I have been involved in the kidnapping/homicide case of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash. In 1994 Robert Ecoffey who at the time was the United States Marshal for the State of South Dakota introduced me to this case. Since 1994 the investigation has lead to three individuals who are responsible for forcibly taking Anna Mae from Denver and then taking her to the northeast end of the Pine Ridge reservation and killing her.

I don't claim to understand the ways of the Native American People. If I have learned anything about Native American People I have learned that you are a proud people. This investigation has taken me to different parts of the country and the individuals that I have contacted have been very gracious but cautious. I'm beginning to understand the reasons why there hasn't been a lot of cooperation with the law enforcement. In the process of conducting the investigation on Anna Mae I have found many inconsistencies with the tactics used by law enforcement back in the mid and early 1970's. I'm specifically talking about the way people were treated on the reservation. I've been in the law enforcement business for over twenty-seven years. I know we have our flaws even in the 90's mistakes are made. What I've investigated concerning Anna Mae weren't mistakes it demonstrated that this Indian woman's life didn't matter at the time. Anna Mae wasn't the only Indian to die during that time that no one cared about.

It's been five years for me and some twenty-three years since Anna Mae was found murdered and she does matter to me. I'm sure that the untimely death of Anna Mae matters to many Native American Indians. Now is the time to hold those responsible for Anna Mae's death and put this matter to rest and more importantly allow Anna Mae to go to her final resting-place. It's been documented during this investigation that Anna Mae had requested to pray before she was "executed." Anna Mae was never allowed to say her final prayers. I know and have felt Anna Mae's spirit she deserves the dignity to rest in peace.

I'm making a request, which is unusual concerning investigations that I have handled. I'm asking anyone that can assist me with this investigation to call me, write me or email me with any information you may have to close the investigation on Anna Mae's murder. I assure you that any information I receive will be kept in the strictest of confidence. I've seen the fear of many people when questioned about Anna Mae's murder. The only fear people should have is their inner fear for not bringing justice to those responsible for Anna Mae's death.

The United States Government has been unsuccessful with prosecuting this case. The State of South Dakota have given the State of Colorado permission to pursue and prosecute this matter. This may be the last effort to prosecute those responsible for Anna Mae's murder.

I trust in your help and trust in me. It's my obligation as a sworn officer to brings those responsible to justice and bring some type of finalization to the family of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash.

My sincerest thanks,

Detective Abe Alonzo
Denver Police Department
Intelligence Bureau
1331 Cherokee Street
Denver, Colorado 80204

Office number: (303)640-1431
Email address: AlonzoA@ci.denver.co.us

Anna Mae Pictou

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