Show Me The Way Alone Wolf
Shannon Dill (age 13), 1994


When I took my first breath
He was there to show me the Way.
With wavy black hair that was matted to
His head was what mattered to me the most

Now he is Old.
And sad.
When he walks by me
He reminds me of a Lone Wolf
Strong and independent
He grows tired and weak
But his soul is like a bear

He sits at his machine and eats
Only strings of cooked pasta
Forever alone
I think that is the way he wants to be.
But I remember that he's always there
To show me the Way

Lone Wolf
the Alone Wolf
He grows old and weary of my ways
Though I try to help it seems so difficult.
He seems so distant
So remote
So far

Show me the Way
Alone Wolf...

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